View Full Version : Organix Smoothing Treatment Rocks!

August 6th, 2011, 01:41 PM
I am in love with Organix 30 Day Smoothing Treatment. It's the first product I've tried from the Organix line and I really like it. A little background, I love cones, straightening, and washing all the time. I've tried the various methods on LHC over the years and while good, I've always felt more confident with my hair when I treat it with product and heat.
So I had seen the treatment in stores before, it's in all Walgreens and grocery stores, but I'd never tried it because I've used relaxer type things before with no result. I have wavy hair and it frizzes out to a lions mane. But then I read some reviews on line and people said it completely got rid of their frizz and that it did okay in the straightening department.
Now I had the Japanese Straightening done two years ago and it absolutely fried my hair. I had to do a big chop to get rid of all the damage. But the damage didn't set in immediately and for the first couple months it was silky and beautiful. And since then I've tried a million different products to try to replicate the good effects without the damage. I've had no luck.
Then I tried this treatment and at first, I wasn't very impressed. It relaxed my curl a bit and the frizz was a little more tame. It actually took a couple of days for it to really take hold and for me to see a difference.
My hair feels so soft and it's super shiny. I was getting ready for work on Thursday and I was brushing my hair out and for the first time in years, I actually smiled and said, "I love my hair!". It looked great. Now, I could wash and go and it would look nice but I still straighten it because that really shows how shiny and frizz free it is.
The only bad part I guess is that you have to straighten your hair on a high heat with the product in for it to work. The directions said to use a straightener on 450 and do it 7-9 times! I thought that was ridiculous, even though the directions make sure to say the product has a built in heat protectant. I did it on 450 but did it like 4 or 5 times. I basically did it until it was pin straight with no frizz anywhere. At first I was like, I'm not going to put 450 on my hair period but then I didn't want to do it at 300 and then think the product didn't work because I didn't do it the right way. So I bit the bullet and put it on 450 and honestly I do not see any damage.
The smoothing treatment really did eliminate my frizz, which is hellish in summer. Usually I would straighten and it would look great, I'd walk outside into the humidity and it would poof up like a Koosh ball. Now, it stays nice and pretty and I just hit it with a straightener on 250 every two or three days. I would highly recommend this product for girls who use cones and straighteners like me. I will definitely be repurchasing and the best part is that even at my length, I still have 3/4ths of the bottle left and it doesn't go bad. So I can get 3 more months out of one bottle and it was only 15 bucks! My Japanese treatment cost me over 600 dollars and wrecked my hair. I'm so happy I found an at home cheap alternative! :)

Anyone else use this treatment? What were your thoughts?