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August 5th, 2011, 02:37 PM
ok im sure this is somewhere but my searching much suck, i never get anything but the search menu all over,,,, im a tard lol

Im wanting to know what exactly it means to clarify and how i would do it roughly

thank you all in advance:cheese:

Cassie 123
August 5th, 2011, 02:56 PM
Many products contain things that are meant to stick to your hair even through washing and conditioning. These include silicones, proteins, and sometimes heavy conditioners and oils. This is fine and good, but sometimes the buildup can become excessive, making hair sticky, crunchy, or flyaway. Then it's time to clarify. It is also recommended that you clarify before starting specialized washing routines like CO, WO, or oil shampoo, for best results.

You clarify by washing your hair with a reasonably strong shampoo (typically with sulfates) that doesn't have any cones, proteins, or other goopy stuff in it. Neutrogena was the first manufacturer that I recall advertising a shampoo for this purpose, and lots of people still use this brand. I use a brand called Alpha Zelle; it is kind of harsh but very effective. Anyway, there are lots of clarifying shampoos out there and the cheap ones are just fine. If you want to spend next to nothing, many people like using a baking soda solution in place of shampoo for clarifying (and following up with an acidic rinse like diluted cider vinegar), but my hair hates this so I can't honestly recommend it.