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August 4th, 2011, 03:25 PM
I do cardio about 5-6 times a week, and my hair especially the scalp gets disgusting. I mean really sweaty, intense cardio sessions. I am usually dripping by the end of it. Does anyone else do the same? are you finding it seems like you should wash your hair after everyworkout?! I don't want to do that! I wan't to give my hair three days to itself before I bother it again. No kind of up do seems to prevent the nastyness.

Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate some, because I don't want to stop my cardio, and I don't want to increase my washes.

the title was supposed to be "sweat"

August 4th, 2011, 03:30 PM
I do water only washes when I do cardio. It feels cleaner but it doesn't get a proper washing.

I then shampoo & condition every 3 days on my hair wash day

August 4th, 2011, 03:32 PM
I use to. Why don't you try Wo [ water only washing] its really great or co-wash. It does not bother the scalp as much as shampoo would plus you wash and you get the sweat out. Since you don't want to wash alot, just get in massage the running water in your scalp and of you go :) clean, sweat free hair that was not washed in a way :p

August 4th, 2011, 03:37 PM
I'm not ready for WO yet I don't think - i'm working my way back up to CO from CWC, my hair takes all day to dry - it'd be constantly wet for at least 6 days a week :/ I'm not sure I could handle that, has anyone used sweat bands at all? does it confine the sweat to the area of the band? or do they not make much difference when it comes to hair?

I might try wo for after cardio - thanks, i'll see how that goes, but i'm not sure i'll be able to stick with it because of the wetness, I don't hairfryer or towel scrub.

August 4th, 2011, 03:50 PM
Have you used a microfiber towel? It absorbs alot

August 4th, 2011, 03:54 PM
I would just rinse under a shower to get the sweat off my hair without actually shampooing or conditioning. Then I'd give my hair a "proper" wash every three days (maybe two if my hair just wasn't clean enough otherwise...or if it got too greasy from the exercise).

I don't think there's any way you can stop the sweat making your hair gross. Even if you were to use a headband to absorb it or something, it would still get on the roots of the majority of your hair (although some may drain away so it may not be as bad). Really I think headbands are designed to stop the sweat running down into your eyes! All that hair on the top of your head would still stay sweaty.

August 4th, 2011, 04:00 PM
yes I use a micro fiber - but I do a gentle 'squeeze and then let my hair air dry the rest of the day ie: I washed it this morning around 8isham, it's 22:57 now and it's still slightly damp in places.

I'll try WO in between my usual CWC washes, maybe i'll have to have an updo with my wet hair during the day - I wouldn't mind the curls from a sock bun anyway :3 thanks guys. I'm out of my element now that i'm no longer CO washing XD


I'll try a scalp only WO wash tomorrow after my cardio, and see how that goes, if it's any good i'll keep it up, if not I will not go out for the two days worth of sweaty hair :3

August 4th, 2011, 04:34 PM
If I get really sweaty I basically have to wash my hair, otherwise it will smell. I know people who don't, though. If I were you I would probably try CO and see how it goes - if you do a nice long scalp massage while you wash I bet it will work well and be relaxing after an intense workout. :)

ETA: oops, missed your last post. :o Let us know how the WO scalp wash goes!

Nia :D
August 4th, 2011, 04:43 PM
I use dry shampoo on my hair if I've done exercise and I have to go somewhere, it makes your hair seem clean and smells nice so you can't go wrong there XP

August 4th, 2011, 04:50 PM
When I was working out more often, I took a shower after ever workout, complete with washing my hair. Otherwise, my hair was just gross. I decided that was worth the more frequent washings.
I did try to do CO every other time, to see if that would help. I never noticed my hair being worse off from the washings, though. :shrug:

August 4th, 2011, 05:02 PM
When I worked out, (notice: when...not now) I would just let it dry. Workout sweat, on my body, didn't seem to smell after it dried. Just salty water.

Now I have started working out occasionally, but I always end my workouts with some lap swimming, so I shower. Chlorine is uncool to my skin and hair :(

August 4th, 2011, 05:37 PM
I was on a long CO binge, even using CO after my three times a week sweaty workouts. Today I finally had to do a sulfate free shampoo because my hair was starting to have an unclean smell to it and it was just becoming wonky. It's much better now. I think I will do a sulfate free shampoo every third wash and CO in between.

August 4th, 2011, 05:54 PM
I give my hair a really good rinse, run a little conditioner through the ends and wear it up that day.

August 4th, 2011, 06:27 PM
I work out really frequently and I CO most days except when I want to clarify. But just a disclaimer, my hair happens to love being washed and stretching washes has never worked for me. In your case, I think you just have to leave the microfiber towel on longer if you intend to wash frequently. Stick to either CO or WO so that the frequent washings are less harsh on your hair.

Otherwise you may want to consider scalp washing as a middle ground between you wanting a clean scalp and yet not washing your hair too often. This means exactly as it says: you wash just your scalp while keeping your length dry. If smell of the length bothers you, you can add some essential oils to your usual oiling product or serum or use a scented leave-in conditioner after spritzi g your hair lightly with water.

August 4th, 2011, 06:59 PM
I've let sweat dry in my hair, and it was o.k. as long as I do it only once. I had a routine of letting the sweat dry once, then WO the next day, then CWC again.

August 4th, 2011, 08:13 PM
Another vote for scalp washing over here. I just can't imagine living with the grease or washing your hair every day.

August 4th, 2011, 08:23 PM
Haha, I thought this thread was going to be about swearing when your hair starts misbehaving!

August 4th, 2011, 08:58 PM
I let mine just dry, then wash next time. When it was longer, sometimes I'd rinse my roots and leave the length dry. Good luck!

August 5th, 2011, 01:26 AM
so I did the scalp WO like I said I would - much quicker to dry than doing a full hair washing, and my hair does feel ok, it feels like how it usually would the morning of my wash day, but that is with two days worth of working out so not half bad at all, I can't say that the ends are greasy because I did just put EVOO in them :3 certainly went better than expected :) thanks guys.

August 5th, 2011, 11:17 AM
I exercise heavily most mornings and sweat a LOT. I just wipe a little of the sweat off my face, so it stops dripping in my eyes, then sit down at the computer for a bit while allowing myself (including hair) to dry off naturally. Then I wash up for the day and go on. I only wash my hair once a week (almost alway CO, never shampoo) and my hair is clean, shiny and healthy. The sweat has no smell at all, and leaves my hair as though it had not been wet at all. Maybe people differ on this, but you might want to try not washing or rinsing after exercise. It works just fine for me.

Audrey Horne
August 5th, 2011, 11:47 AM
One of the reasons I started to CO... and WO when it's not too bad. But usually it's bad!

August 5th, 2011, 12:09 PM
I think scalp WO would be an OK way to go. My length hates touching water.
Admittedly, I don't wash it after each of the workouts, but when my scalp needs refreshing, I do the following:
I put an elastic at about SL. Braid down-rather tight. secure it. I have a little bar thingy near my shower, so I usually take a thicker string, and weave it through the last bump of the braid, and tie it up there. make sure your products are in handy, you won't be able to bend. Wash scalp(I used full strength shampoo then, but im guessing WO can work) and dried as much as I could with a towel. I took it down from the bar, then left it alone.