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Peggy E.
July 14th, 2011, 12:33 PM
** SOLD **

All SOLD Items Have Been Shipped!

A - Beautiful Flashing-Arrow Fan-Shaped Comb
C - Shock of Wheat Comb
E - Scarlet O'Hara Home at Tara Comb


D - Clover/Ribbon/? two-prong curved comb



B. Beautifully marked, pristine Feathers Comb (See full description Below!)

I don't want to reduce the price, as it is already way below what I paid. So I'll just keep it and maybe come to better appreciate it myself, should it not sell.

Revised original Classic Comb Sale list to show only those still available for purchase.

Only the very nice fine Feather comb

True as before, PayPal is the preferred payment method - though not carved in stone - and shipping is free for domestic U.S., while international buyers will please contribute $2 towards their shipping. Having had a brain implosion upon checking the price for a specific international shipping I am still in shock. Whoa!

Anyway, it is what it is....

I've said $2 and $2 it is - not often you find such amazing bargains anymore, so glad to be able to help someone out a little bit!

Also, PM me if you wish to purchase one of the combs or have any questions - first come/first served!








** SOLD **
A. Isn’t this an amazing thing? A bit smaller than the previous jaw-droppers, this is still going to grab all the attention and get you noticed. It is a superb example of the art of hair comb creation, one you can take pride in showing off. So delicate and feminine.
It is 5-¾”t x 5”w and yours for $38

B. A fabulously marked Feather Comb, crystal clear and bright - looks like it was never worn (I never did, which is why it's here) and another one of the beauties I snatched up at Susannahs. This is a sturdy comb that has the appearance of delicacy; beautiful. 7"t x 3-1/2"w. $24
** SOLD **
C. This Shock of Wheat 5-Prong hand-carved celluloid comb is a substantial, and lovely, piece. Note the hand-carved outlines and spaces between the stems of wheat, while the top of the prongs have been squared off. The head of the comb has a cup-like curve to it, nestling your head while safeguarding your hair style in comfort.
A good-sized piece at 7-½”t x 4-½”w This is a truly fine addition - or beginning - to your collection. $38


D. Unusual Curved 2-Prong Comb has a clover or some sort of floral set with lovely blue stones. There is a small spot on the back which appears to be from someone’s earlier attempt to test the material composition.
This comb curves into place and holds surprisingly well - something very different and fun to add to your collection, or to start out your collection with a bang!
4”t x 3”w this looks great when worn! $18
** SOLD **
E. Scarlet O'Hara Not Really Plain Back Comb. This looked just like one worn by Scarlet when she returned to Tara and was working in the garden. It was large, but plain, a lovely thing - it has a shower of golden lights sparking through it. Wear it in the garden - or to the Opera, it will be a stand-out anywhere!
5"w x 4"t $24

That’s it, ladies and gents. Please contact me with any questions and I will do my best to answer.
Thanks for checking this sale and I hope you found something you can’t live without. Surely I’m not the only one with this weakness?! ;o)

July 16th, 2011, 05:17 PM
pming you about a