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July 6th, 2011, 05:11 PM
I understand that oil, like silicones, seals hair and can seal moisture into hair but can also lock it out.

I also understand that to remove silicones (or at least the non-water soluble kind), you need to need sulphate shampoos.

But what about oils? Can a really mild shampoo (no sulphates) like the kind I am using effectively remove oils? Do I need to shampoo all the hair rather than just the scalp to remove the oil? If the oil gets left on is there a risk of sealing the moisture out?

The oil is actually in my current conditioner, which is currently the only thing I put all over my hair (shampoo just goes on the scalp). Do I need to be concerned about removing the oil each time I wash to ensure water is locked in, not out, when I apply the conditioner?

((Ps. My current shampoo contains: water (aqua); aloe vera (aloe barbadensis); decyl glucose (decyl glucoside); guar gum (guar gum); apple cider vinegar (acetic acid))

July 6th, 2011, 05:37 PM
Many of us have excellent results removing oil with the CO wash method. I like to use a cheap non cone conditioner such as Suave or VO5. WR used to be my top favorite but they recently added cones. It's a good thing I have like 50 bottles stock piled. After a heavy oiling I do a nice long CO soak and end up with clean, bouncy, shiny, clean hair. There is a monster thread on CO washing if you are interested.

July 6th, 2011, 05:44 PM
I use a generous application of coconut oil to my length (not my scalp) the day before washing, and I have no problems removing excess oil with CWC using diluted shampoo (sometimes non-sulfate, sometimes not; I'm not picky) at my scalp only. I would assume the conditioner that I apply to my length helps remove the excess oil because the only suds that touch my length most of the time is what is rinsed down from my scalp.

I like a little oil left in my length, though. It's usually nothing that anybody else can see, but I feel the difference.

I also use cones about once every 10 days. Buildup is not much of a problem. I wash my hair from scalp to tips with whatever shampoo I have on hand maybe once every 3 months, and about half the time I dilute it in warm water first. It's so much easier to get it everywhere with a squirt bottle.