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June 19th, 2008, 07:45 AM
Hello fellow LHC'ers :waving:

I have just a small question.

When I joind LHC my hair was waist length (just waist) and I haven't cut (big trims) since september 2006, and my hair is very fairytale like (I don't like this on myself though:o)

Well I was looking at pics from last year June and I saw I have had a lot of growth, but (here come the asking part :p) My hair stayed thick till about waist length and the length which I gained the past year is all fairytale very thin. So now I have loads of thin length.

The length isn't broken, I don't have many splits, and it feels soft, I also wear it up all the time so I don't understand why this happened:confused:I could understand that the thin part didn't get away but the thin part has gone longer?

I must say before I found LHC I wore a ponytail all the time and my neck hairs (and the hairs around my face) were very very short. My neck hair is now around BSL and the face framing hairs between BSL and waist (closer to waist).

Does this mean it just takes longer for the hairs to reach the other length? As I don't see any bad condition in my hair and I think it is still growing (so no terminal yet).

I am planning on cutting once I reach classic (to thicken up)

What do you think about my hair? Any ideas on why it gets so 'thin' ?

Thank you so much:flower:


June 19th, 2008, 08:08 AM
ok, your hair's a lot longer than mine but I think we have the same thing going on.

When I joined LHC, my hair was about shoulder length but thin, like you describe, from the ears down. Part of this is layers, but part also seems to be natural. Here's why. As my hair has grown, I've been trimming, so that I have only had about 5 inches or so of growth in three years.

And that thin longest layer? Now it's from APL to BSL. If you look closely at my avatar pic, you can see the last two inches or so are seethrough and thin. They actually don't look that bad unless I put my hair up in a way where you can see the ends.

This kind of taper seems to be natural for fine, wavy hair. My BF also has fine hair, but thicker and wavier (he's like 2c, F/M, iii) and his ends also taper just as much as mine do. He's about APL, and as it grows, I have also observed his taper moving down.

Neither of us wear our hair up all the time - BF wears a ponytail 98% of the time, including to sleep, and treats his hair indifferently, and I prefer my hair down to up. So you could say it's damage, but I don't think it is. Spidermom mentioned that she has been regularly trimming and still has taper; many others here do too.

I think the only way to get the hemline to really be as thick as possible with our kind of hair is to get it to the desired length, then keep trimming it back to the thickest point, if that makes sense.

My plan is to grow to past waist, trimming as little as possible while still keeping my hair presentable for wearing it down, then to trim off the thinnest ends so it is thick at waist.

June 19th, 2008, 08:17 AM
I asked my hair dresser about this and she explained that hair does not grow evenly. Also, you get hair breakage regardless of using hair accesories, so the hair that does not break will grow longer than the broken parts. Hence, you get thinner ends. This is why getting a slight trim can manage that look, and help the other parts 'catch up'.

Also, your hair might be in the shedding phase, so it will appear thinner for a spell.

June 19th, 2008, 09:31 AM
I seem to have a few very fast-growing hairs. I haven't tried it yet, but I believe that if I grew without trimming, I would soon have maybe 50 hairs at the longest length, and that would be thin indeed. That's one of the major reasons that I get trims. I definitely have taper, though. My braid goes from about 3-fingers width at the nape to pencil width at the very bottom. By the time I need a trim again, it will be pencil-lead width at the bottom.

June 19th, 2008, 09:35 AM
I noticed that my hair in the neck is growing much faster than at the top of my head.

June 19th, 2008, 10:46 AM
As someone who's not trimmed at a similar length (hip to mid-thigh, and then it was just a pointless inch) who started with thin ends (which got thinner!) my guess is the bulk of the increase in size/length of the 'thinner' section is due pretty much to shedding.

Due to shedding, I've noticed that it seems to *keep* a certain hemline most need to trim about 1" a year. Go a couple of years, and just due to hairs shedding out it'll seem like even thinner ends and a longer section, simply because most of the hairs that are going to shed out are going to be in the very ends--or that's where it's most visible.

And then with the old damage from ponytails and the side layers, that's more hairs that weren't even in the ends to start with, so there might see to be a bigger drop off from the thicker portions to the non-thick portions. Just remember that those thick parts are moving down, and once you get to classic, as you trim those sections will get closer and closer to the bottom.

There's also the possibility that different areas of your hair are growing different speeds like others have mentioned. Me, the underlayer is about 3" shorter than the top layer, which wouldn't help, either.

June 19th, 2008, 02:13 PM
I have exactly the same going on here :rolleyes: my hair is thick all the way to waist and then tapers drastically. In some light my hair past waist is almost not visible especially on Photos.
I have had many different methods of growing in the past years and so I came to this conclusion:

I have maintained my hair at shoulder and later below shoulder for a long time. Those parts are thick.
From there I grew to waist slowly and my hair tapered slowly only. since I maintained it a little more around midback and waistlength I was able to thicken those parts to ii-i/ii.

From there I grew to tailbone without trims. My hair grew very quickly but thinned drastically. once I paused for trims I was able to thicken it up a little. From there I grew with small trms that gave me a little growth at the same time and it has almost not tapered further at all..

Lots of trims = thickening
Some to little trims = maintaining of thickness
Very little to no trims = Loss of thickness

The factors that add to this are shedding, natural taper or uneven growth and damage depending on the person of course.

And always a possibilty - Many hairs might just not live as long. But I would only say that is the case if maintaining did not thicken the lengths at all.

Hope my experience helps..:)

Btw. I also want to trim only at classic but sometimes Im afraid to thin out the length too much like that :(

Emi :flower:

June 19th, 2008, 03:31 PM
I experience this also when my hair approaches waist length. I think it's a combination of varying hair growth speed, breakage and shedding.

When I grew my hair from APL to almost waistlength last year, I tried trimming 1/3 of my growth every two months. I know that trims are not for everyone, but for me, it allowed my to have a nice, tidy hemline, as well as having thicker ends.

June 19th, 2008, 03:56 PM
I have a lot of taper, probably due to breakage and uneven growth. I plan on doing the same as Katze for this: growing out past where I want it to be and then trimming it back to a thicker bit. I have thin and wurly hair and that just seems to be the best way to go.