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June 16th, 2008, 01:58 PM
HAve you tried to go no cones? How long did it take to realize that your hair could not go without cones? What were the main reasons that no cones would not work for you? Can you use a no cone shampoo and a cone conditioner and still get good results?

June 16th, 2008, 02:03 PM
Ok here are my answers.
When I ran out of the Dove shampoo and conditioner I decided to try vo5 for two reasons :
1. it was much cheaper 2. wanted to try no cones ( oh and the great smell)
So I have using these for a couple weeks and after the washing when I comb out my hair it has been getting progressively worse because of all the tangles. So today when I was using ALOT of spray on detangler and it was not helping at all I went and found some of my pantene deep conditioner and used that and then I was able to comb through with no problem. Now I will have to buy some cone conditioner, maybe I will just get Dove again. Can I use a no cone shampoo (maybe a cheaper one) and use a cone conditioner and still get the slip and the detangling benefits?

June 16th, 2008, 02:24 PM
Can I use a no cone shampoo (maybe a cheaper one) and use a cone conditioner and still get the slip and the detangling benefits?

Maybe... Shampoos and cone conditioners are typically formulated to go together so that you get minimal buildup. If you use a different no-cone shampoo, you may not get all the cones out and get more buildup over time. Or you might not. It all depends on the pairing you choose and the nature of your hair.

June 16th, 2008, 02:27 PM
thanks for trying to help.
I guess I will have to just experiment more.

June 16th, 2008, 02:29 PM
HAve you tried to go no cones? How long did it take to realize that your hair could not go without cones? What were the main reasons that no cones would not work for you? Can you use a no cone shampoo and a cone conditioner and still get good results?

1. Yep, for about 9 months.
2. About 10 months (because I'm stubborn).
3. Tangly, stringy hair that I never could wear down.
4. Of course!

June 16th, 2008, 02:33 PM
I was cone free for quite some time(maybe a year and a half?)
I went back to cones about a yr ago?
No cone was ok, but the longer my hair got the more I enjoyed the cones and
detangling is so much easier.
I use a no cone shampoo all the time,and the conditioners work fine!


June 16th, 2008, 02:43 PM
I have been no cone for at least a year pretty much. My hair liked it but VO5 is not enough usually to give me slip, have to use thicker conditioners and a leave-in. I recently have been having trouble with tangling I think due to my hair getting longer, swimming, beach, summer. I loved no cones but I seem to be doing okay so far with a cone conditioner too. I definitely have fewer tangles. I CWC with an SLS shampoo (not the same brand) about once a week usually so I have no trouble with buildup. I can tell if my hair is getting buildup from the way it feels and I just do a clarifying but I usually don't need to with the CWC routine.

June 16th, 2008, 02:55 PM
Oh God yes-I went no-cone one time for about a month and it was horrible.I wash about once or at the most twice a week,so it did take me a month to finally realise that it wasn't working for me. I was using a no cone shampoo(Burts Bees) and several different no cone conditioners in a CWC routine.I was left with straw hair so I tended to over oil almost after every wash.
I really don't know the reason why cones work so well for me.I chemical dye so maybe that's the answer?? I couldn't tell you a specific reason,I just know I will never do it again.If you're thinking about going no cone-why not try it gradually,not quitting cold turkey?Kinda give your hair a chance to anticipate not having cones,if that makes sense :shrug:
LHC is always having the Great Cone No-Cone Debate.That and the Henna vs Chemical Dye Debate.
I do what I know I like and what my hair likes. I'm still trying to find my niche but my hair is in 100% better condition it was before LHC ;)

Ohio Sky
June 16th, 2008, 02:59 PM
My hair does ok with no cones as long as I go no sulfates also. The problem is, I cant find either around here and I dont want to spend the $$ to order online that often.

Thats really it. Cones or no cones doesnt affect the state of my hair as much as things like oiling.

June 16th, 2008, 03:09 PM
I have to use cones now because of damage, but I prefer to go non-cone with CO. Now I am using cones, I am also back to using sulphate shampoos. If I use cones and no sulphates, my hair feels fake and plasticky.

Once I trim the damage off though, I will go back to non-cone CO washing. My hair just feels softer and more healthy without cones. But with my damaged hair, I need cones or I can't comb it.

June 16th, 2008, 03:09 PM
I stopped using cones for a really long time (2 years or so) bc I was doing CG. But over the past year, I've been experimenting with cones and to be honest, I like the way my hair looks with them. I find that all cones (even the c-xane) wash out with my non-SLS shampoo, though I think that's because I do a heavy oiling before my weekly wash (oils break down cones).

The only cone I'm currently using is the a-cone, and it's in my Garnier Curl & Shine leave in.

June 16th, 2008, 03:36 PM
I've tried all kinds of things, and went back to a more ordinary S&C because I needed more help with tangles.

I've been using products from the same line, since they seem to work well together.

June 16th, 2008, 04:30 PM
I was cone free for over 6 months - mostly sulphate free too. My hair sometimes felt soft, and because of the vinegar rinses I didn't have problems with detangling, but most of the time my hair felt straw-like and lost its slinkiness. Lots of splits appeared that i didn't have before (though I have read time and again that cones can stick the splits together, so I expected this) however it didn't get better even with lots of S&D and oiling the ends. I tried light oiling, and still no slinkiness. I tried heavier oiling and it just got more crunchy and yucky. I clarified (SLS), then had to oil heavily because it was so dry. I tried some moisture treatments like the caramel treatment, banana/mayo combination - nothing made it feel nice and it seemed to be getting thinner.

I tried a deep cone conditioner last night and it's looking better than it has in a while. It's a bit thicker, slippier and shinier. It's been an interesting experiment and I might try it again once all my postnatal shed has regrown in, but I'm not convinced it's the right thing for me now.

Ohio Sky
June 16th, 2008, 04:38 PM
One of the major complaints I have with cones is the opposite of what Alethia said- with cones, my hair feels way thinner than without. Like, I can get a 1" difference when measuring. Ive measured as much as 3.25" without cones, and as little as 2" with.

Madam Librarian
June 16th, 2008, 05:26 PM
I've tried cone free, but I don't remember exactly how long I gave it. I know I gave it at least a month or two to be fair, possibly longer. I remember searching for a conditioner with good slip and going as far as ordering some stuff online.

I stopped because of the tangles. My hair tangled something fierce. I kept thinking that I just wasn't finding quality cone free conditioners, so I ordered some conditioner that was highly recommended here. That didn't help. I realized that my hair wasn't happy, and I didn't really want to have to order conditioner over the internet.

I went back to cones sort of by accident. I stumbled on some Organix Coconut conditioner and the smell was so wonderful that I didn't care about the ingredients. I tried it and my hair got better. I like heavy conditioners so I bounce back and forth between stuff like Pantene and Tresemme. The thicker the better.

I don't see why you couldn't mix cone free and cone products as you wish. Just be aware that there is a possibility for the cones to build up, and if that happens, all you need to do is find a clarifying method that works for you. I use Nexxus Humectress each wash (I'm not sure if it is cone free or not, I really don't look at labels anymore...I bought it because it was on clearance.) and I haven't felt the need to break out a special clarifying shampoo in months.

Just experiment as you need, and notice how your hair reacts. Pretty soon you will be able to 'listen' to what your hair wants.

June 16th, 2008, 05:32 PM
It depends on your hair to use or not to use cones. I think that damaged hair normally needs cones to detangle but my virgin hair loves the no cones rotine and i get plenty of volume!

June 16th, 2008, 05:33 PM
My hair CAN go without cones. But I have to accept a little more frizz. The Oil/Aloe Combo can do a lot. But If I want smooth curls for a few days, I do return to using a leave-in with cones.

The difference is that now I KNOW not to let it get crunchy.

Frankly, for winter, I don't use cones, just lots and lots of coconut oil, red palm oil, and Aloe.

For summer, with the humidity, I'm reaching for the cones.

Silver & Gold
June 16th, 2008, 05:44 PM
I've been cone free since shortly after joining LHC in December. I agree with other's who have found that their virgin hair loves no cones but the damaged hair does better with the cones. This seems to be my experience.
So I have very mixed feeings. It seems like a lot of work to keep the damaged hair happy without cones. But now that I've got all the cone build up out of my hair I really like my virgin hair cone free. I'm considering using cones on the damaged bits only until I gain enough length to trim off the damaged parts. It's a tough decision because my preference is to use more natural products. But I still have cone products left over, so perhaps I will use them up one of these days soon.

June 16th, 2008, 07:16 PM
Wow you took the questions right out of my mouth, mommy2one05! Very interesting. I am trying to venture into no-cone-land myself, and am currently trying a giovanni product. No cones seem to do well the first use, then afterwards my hair gets woolly and fluffy on the ends. I'm not willing to do that for even a week. I think I might just do no-cones until it looks horrible then do cones again, etc. I have highlights growing out on the ends, so the cones-for-damage theory makes sense. Great questions, thanks for asking, and great replies!

June 16th, 2008, 08:43 PM
Thanks everybody for all the great replies!!

June 16th, 2008, 08:46 PM
Gladtobemom - what is the Oil/Aloe Combo

Alethia - Could you give me more info or point me in the right direction on the banana/mayo combination that you mentioned?

June 16th, 2008, 10:49 PM
I went with no cones for a few months last year when I joined the forums. My hair became less straight and a bit more tangly. Then I went back to cones and my hair got shinier and smoother. Personally, I find cones great on my own hair.

Also, at the start of this year, I used to CO with a cone conditioner every couple of days then once a week use a natural cone free shampoo. I didn't stick with it for long since I tend to be 'constant to one thing never'... but am trying to go back to this routine as I believe this was when my hair was its healthiest, shiniest and least frizzy.

Afterthought: I guess if you clarify with a harsher shampoo whenever you get buildup from using a coney conditioner all the time it should be fine.

June 17th, 2008, 02:06 AM
Gladtobemom - what is the Oil/Aloe Combo

Alethia - Could you give me more info or point me in the right direction on the banana/mayo combination that you mentioned?

Here's the recipe for Frizz Buster Gel, It's in the Archive section too with lots of people saying that it works.


You might try the Fenugreek and Butermilk too. I find that it leaves my hair incredibly smooth and shiny.



June 17th, 2008, 02:24 AM
I only tried for a couple of weeks. Instant straw but much curlier too, just felt dreadful. Ended up cutting most of my hair off.Now I'm on cones and it feels great. I tried again without cones three weeks ago and nearly got a crew cut...

June 17th, 2008, 04:02 AM
I've been cone-free since March 2007. I did have lots of problems with detangling at first, but I think that was partially due to damage and partially due to using too high a concentration of baking soda, which was what I was using to wash at that time (I have been SLS-free since March 2007 as well).

Once I started henna-ing and got my BS rinse proportions correct, that helped a lot with the tangling. I also switched to using a wide-toothed horn comb.

I did have some frizziness and some flatness when I was using the BS rinse as my cleansing method. I have since switched to shampoo bars (since March of this year), and my hair has regained a lot of shine and is no longer frizzy. It does still get a little flat, but I'm rather happy with it.

Wow, I wrote a book. :)

June 17th, 2008, 05:31 AM
I was no-cones for over a year. I had trouble making my hair look shiny, soft and moisturised. It had much more of a tendency to tangle.

As soon as I switched back to cones, my hair remedied all of these things.

My hair is not particularly damaged, so from that point of view there's no reason why it would need cones from that point of view, I suppose it just likes them.

I'm getting excellent results and I'm happy with both the softness and the shine of it now, with minimum bother to achieve it (which is important to me). Only one shampoo/conditioner combo delivered on the shine front (and that is important, my hair doesn't look well when it is dull and lifeless), and I can't even buy it over here (I bought it while on holiday in the US).

At the moment I mix and match my products, I have found that with the CWC approach, my hair doesn't like both the conditioners to contain cones. Sooo... yeah... I find that the shampoo (bar) I'm using is sufficient to wash off the few cones that are in my conditioner (and they aren't heavy ones, like the stuff in Pantene, because my hair doesn't like that either... it's picky :p)

June 17th, 2008, 05:48 AM
1. Yep, for about 9 months.
2. About 10 months (because I'm stubborn).
3. Tangly, stringy hair that I never could wear down.
4. Of course!

Hmmm ... I'm starting to get stringy hair as well that is limp & lacks volume so I'm going to stop putting shea butter on my hair & going back to shampooing my hair. My hair is growing but there is no point in growing it long if I have to keep it up all the time because it looks terrible. I seem to have taken a downhill slide since I joined this forum. My hair has issues. It seems to enjoy being treated badly :confused:

June 17th, 2008, 05:55 AM
I know several people said virgin hair doesn't need cones but that is not necessarily true. It is more an individual hairtype thing than anything. My hair is actually in much better shape NOW but since it's longer it is more prone to tangles and the cones help that as several have said. Also some hair types just seem to do better with cones. It is better just to try with and without and see what your own hair likes.