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April 23rd, 2011, 03:48 AM
I had a moment there today where I thought to myself that I've had the same hair colour all my life and will continue to do so, but I'd like to go ahead and dye it a deep red for autumn/winter this year.

Now I'm not committed enough to go permanent seeing as though it will take many years to grow out, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good non permanent hair dye colour and brand that is relatively easy to use, doesn't leak all over clothes and pillow cases and doesn't permanently stain your hair.

I've included a pic of myself for suggestions. I'm pretty fair and my hair is strawberry blonde. My eyebrows are strawberry blonde too which makes it tricky. If I go the wrong shade, it will bring out the red in my face. Bear in mind that I'm almost 38 and don't want to look like I'm trying to compete with my teen-aged daughter.

This photo is probably not totally useful since you can't see my natural hair out, but it gives you an idea of my colouring.

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5290/5350911324_89861a9012.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5107/5645359157_519b2ddd9a.jpg

And this one is from 3 years ago when I was a little slimmer but you get the idea http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3136/2940345597_bfbd17dede_m.jpg

So what do you think? Get this idea out of my head and forget about it (ie don't mess with nature) or have a bit of fun and go a deeper red just for winter?

April 23rd, 2011, 04:06 AM
You look so beautiful with your colouring and your natural hair colour! It would be hard to find that one perfect shade which would look even better than this (or equal).

I can't give you colour recommendations, but if you're not 100% sure about this, please leave your hair in its natural state. It's gorgeous, and it suits you incredibly well :)

April 23rd, 2011, 04:15 AM
I second that! Your natural color is absolutely stunning and it matches you so well. No deep red shade can beat that, and no dye (permanent or no permanent) can go off leaving your natural hair color absolutely intact, especially with strawberry blond color (it is too light).

ANd by the way... I can't believe that you are 37! :o

April 23rd, 2011, 04:36 AM
I love your natural colour too! BUT I understand the urge to colour... it has been the bane of my existence lol.

Red is good, in a way, as it fades more than just about any other colour. Even permanent red on me faded quite a lot.

I haven't used a semi permanent dye for a long time, but I know there are some that are more semi than others! There are the Live colour ones, which I think wash out quicker (only last a few washes)... and there are others that are supposed to last for a few weeks. I found the Live Colour ones didn't really do much in my hair when I used them years ago (maybe a slight hint of colour...but not what was shown on the box)...maybe my hair isn't very porous so doesn't absorb colour well (not sure about this lol...it's just a guess).

I don't think you should go TOO dark, partly because it may look funny with your eyebrows (you can always colour them of course!) but also because it will take longer to fade, and you may not get your natural colour back!!

A few years ago we dyed my husband's hair with a semi permanent colour, and he basically had to cut it out in the end (although the regrowth wasn't THAT bad you could see it), and he's got a naturally dishwater blonde colour happening (maybe a similar lightness to yours but a different shade). So I'd go for a medium red rather than a darker red, because I think when that fades it will go back more easily to your natural colour!

April 23rd, 2011, 04:44 AM
I must confess have used colours on occasion in the past (as a teen - once brown, once gold (WHY???) and once red) and what I always hated about them was the fact that it came out one flat colour. My hair is made up of many many colours and so it always seemed very boring to me and I always got out the anti dandruff shampoo and washed it straight out. The only one that I kept was, I think, Live Colour red but I remember my hair was pink for a long time and it did look weird with my eyebrows so I had to use a pencil on them all the time. Do you know I NEVER took a picture of any of those colours which is silly because I have nothing to reference now.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I'm turning 38 next week and I think I'm going through a mid-life crisis. I'm overweight and know that I need to change and changing my hair is a little more instant. I'm sure this is a psychological thing I'm going through - lol. :o

April 23rd, 2011, 06:27 AM
I wouldn't change it! It fits you perfectly, and you look very very pretty! You are lucky to have that color...seriously, it's what many people try to achieve by dying :)
I'm pretty sure such urges come and go....even if it takes a while, and in the long run, you might regret it..

April 23rd, 2011, 06:34 AM
You do not look like you're going to be 38! I just turned 38 too a few days ago! I really like the color of your hair and like other's have said it suits you well. If I were you, I'd go a more medium red rather than darker red but the wash out period will most likely annoy you. (as you probably know by now). Temporary color for me washes out so quickly and I'm left with faded hair. Granted I tend to go with more vibrant and unnatural colors such as manic panic but I've done regular temporary colors in the past as well. I understand the midlife crisis thing too. I'm overweight as well and tend to change my hair so often because I get bored and can change that instantly. I just did my hair part blonde (fringe and hair framing the face) and my regular brown in the back. Looks pretty cool when I do victory rolls! It seems weird for me though seeing blonde so prominent with my hair up. With my asian heritage it looks so interesting to me! Lol. I just wanted to take a break from wash out color. I have to redo it every week if I want it to look nice. So I'm going to do the blonde thing for a bit.

April 23rd, 2011, 06:45 AM
Yeah, I think you are all right - it's a phase and I'll most likely hate it. That's the thing about having an "unusual" natural colour - it's wonderful but you never get to change it up.

Thanks again everyone. Bear in mind, I chose pictures that show me well, not the ones that show up the bags under the eyes and extra chin - lol.

April 23rd, 2011, 06:50 AM
Your natural hair colour is very pretty.

April 23rd, 2011, 07:05 AM
Reds fade the most as the colour molecules are larger. I think your natural colour is lovely but, as a dyed redhead myself, I say go for it! :D To get the right shade go shopping and hold cltohing up to your face or try on a few wigs. My colouring (including hair) was similar to yours but warm auburn did not suit me AT ALL, eventually I ended up cooler burgundy!

Every semi-permanent colour has the potential to bleed onto clothing, towels and bed linen - sometimes from oil (natural/ conditioner), sometimes from water (sweat/ rain). It's something that you get used to managing - I have both dark and white towels, old white pillowcases for when my colour is new or my hair is damp, a stained t-shirt to wear during colouring! Anything white you can bleach, most darks don't show. :shrug:

April 23rd, 2011, 07:29 AM
Staying natural is also a great option ;) You have lovely hair! I see no problem really with a semi permanent colour, but if you've got any doubts, then maybe it's not such a great idea!

I know what you mean about turning 38, for me it's just a month away ;). Sometimes you need to do SOMETHING in your life just to avoid a rut!

April 23rd, 2011, 08:04 AM
Your natural hair colour is stunning on you, really goes well with your skin as well and makes it glow! I don't have any dye suggestions as I've never dyed either but if you really want to try something new why not as long as you've really thought about it, but I love your hair color as is :)

April 23rd, 2011, 08:25 AM
Hi NotInPortland - we are big Totoro fans here too. Thanks for your comments.

April 24th, 2011, 03:09 AM
I think you should do what Spidermom did the other summer with punkycolours was it? It was a fun change that all left her hair after a few weeks :)

April 24th, 2011, 05:23 AM
I thought about that. What brand is this? Does anyone know?

April 25th, 2011, 02:52 PM
Punky Colours was it? Crazy Colour is similiar and supposed to be short lasting, washes out quick as it was made for threate productions etc

April 25th, 2011, 03:19 PM
Yes, Punky Rose Red by Jerome Russell. I did it again yesterday (2nd Easter in what will be an annual event). This time I made small braids down the back, like a mohawk, and my daughter painted the color onto the braids and roots. I left the top-most section above my forehead and the bottom-most section at my nape unpainted. I wanted swirls of color combining with my natural hair color, and that's just what I got. I lovelovelove it.

April 25th, 2011, 04:07 PM
If you really want to be sure the dye will wash out, go for a colour that washes in and out quickly (I can't remember what they're called, but they only last a few washes), and you could also do a test with some hairbrush hair to see if it will REALLY wash out.

I say this because my hair hangs on to colour for dear life. Never managed to get semipermanents - the "longterm" semipermanents, mind you - to wash out hardly at all. My colour fades, but definitely doesn't go back to the way it was. Even reds last ages!

Anyway. For colours, I think you'd suit a light coppery colour - similar to your current one but more copper, if you see what I mean. You could also try the various ways of curling/straightening your hair without heat to see if that gives you a boost, or learning a new, awesome updo? New hair sticks?

I always end up trying out new hair/skin routines, with new products that smell tasty whenever I get into this sort of rut. Seems to work :D

April 25th, 2011, 08:24 PM
Yes, Punky Rose Red by Jerome Russell. I did it again yesterday (2nd Easter in what will be an annual event). This time I made small braids down the back, like a mohawk, and my daughter painted the color onto the braids and roots. I left the top-most section above my forehead and the bottom-most section at my nape unpainted. I wanted swirls of color combining with my natural hair color, and that's just what I got. I lovelovelove it.

Looks great Spidermom - how long do you find it typically lasts and does it stain your hair permanently in places or wash out totally? I think my hair holds on to colour too but I also know that when I had foils done many years ago they would have to leave the bleach on for much longer as it took ages to work on my hair.

April 25th, 2011, 09:01 PM
Although I completely understand your desire to go RED red, because well, red rocks, you have the hair color that I dream of, and personally, I wouldn't change a thing! (Wow... could get sued for comma abuse with that sentence!:))