View Full Version : Show me you're Hair-Care Shrine! (pics)

April 10th, 2011, 06:30 PM
*^ Ak! I meant "your" not "You're" sorry*

So much has changed with my hair care routine recently that I had to label my bottles lol! I’m such a zombie in the morning when I wash my hair, that I was getting confused as to what was what!

So heres my hair care shrine! Lol - & Why not SHOW ME YOURS!? Hair-toy shrines are welcome too ;)


Please excuse my ugly bathroom fixture & wall… I’m moving out in three weeks yippee!

(the V05 is my co-washer, then I usually follow that up with the tresumme, but if I’ve used gel in my hair I get it out with the sulfate free shampoo. Once a week I “clarify” and use the johnsons baby-poo (also good for taking off makeup lol) and follow that up with my cone-free Suave condisher. I normally then leave that in for a while, or sleep on it)