View Full Version : I'm so undecided and need help! Hair color help!

February 23rd, 2011, 11:59 PM
I'm a natural brunette. I'm 21 now, but I started dying hair at 16, so I kind of forget what my natural color is exactly. I just remember that it used to be a warm medium reddish brown when I was about 5...and then by the time I got to be 8, it was a dark, neutral-ashy almost-black color. My eyes are dark, dark brown (almost black) and my eye brows are dark brown.

But here's the thing, I generally like to go lighter. Not super-light (I've done it, and it's so hard to keep up...plus I'm in a relationship and he HATES it when it's light). But I guess I like to use the Satin color "Medium golden copper brown".

My MAC shade is about a NC25 and I feel like I'm way too pale, would love to be darker. I want a shade to make me look tanner, but still look interesting and sexy. I'm thinking of going back to medium golden copper brown (hence the SN). What do you think? I want a sexy shade, nothing boring or frumpy! And NOTHING to make me look old!

I can't seem to post any pics of me, but I'm slightly yellower than my profile pic, for reference. I thought the hair in my profile pic was way too red. I like that Victoria's Secret sexy style, but I don't want to go too light.