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February 11th, 2011, 07:44 AM
My dd has curly hair and really wanted to straighten it to make it easier. Well we did that and washed it a few times. I also did a deep oil after it was done, and left that on for over 20 mins but her hair feels residueish. I did a slight trim to get off the friend ends but is there something I can use to really up the moisture level?

February 11th, 2011, 11:30 AM
First off, chemical relaxing is an intense experience for your hair, the residue you're feeling is most likely from swelling of the actual hairs. This can make them feel gummy and or plasticy, and usually a little fatter than the hairs would normally feel. At this point I would reccomend a strengthening shampoo (with protein in) and a moisturizing conditioner and doing a deep conditioning (ie, tieing a shopping bag over the heavily oiled hair & doing her chores or hitting the treadmill for a good 15 min or so to use that body heat she'll work up to her advantage) with coconut oil about once a week.

It's also important to baby her hair because most chemical straighteners use the same chemical that hair removal creams use to do what it is that they do (same stuff that's in Draino). Her hair's been through a lot, be nice to it. But since you're here, I assume you're already versed in babying hair 101 :D

Hope she's enjoying her new straight hair! Texture services can really boost confidence and just make people's month :)

Athena's Owl
February 11th, 2011, 12:27 PM
Chemical straightening is very, very damaging. I recommend you hit sallys and grab an Aphogee 2 minute reconstructing treatment - I've had it recommended to me by a woman who still does relaxer as an excellent reconstructing treatment. (I'm natural and have been natural for over a decade, but I have been talking to a lot of ladies who use relaxers lately.)

Also one thing you have to be absolutely certain of after the relaxer time is done is to make absolutely *certain* the relaxer solution, which is *extremely alkaline* is neutralized! Again the neutralizing "pink shampoo" in the kit is a good use for this. Experienced relaxers recommend a long rinse after the first lathering, leaving the second lathering in for 3-5 minutes, rinsing again very thoroughly, and checking the third lathering for signs of pink. Afterwards your best rinse is an acidic rinse like a solution of lemon juice or vinegar in water. Relaxer is hard to neutralize, and many people, even salon professionals, do not neutralize obsessively enough.

But I have to stress - while you're thinking "needs moisture" at the moment start thinking "needs protein." do a reconstructor treatment. The process of chemical straightening is very damaging and hair damage = protein loss.

For continuing care of chemically treated hair I really recommend pre-wash treatments. My favorite is to use straight coconut oil from the grocery or health food store - use A LOT, enough that the hair feels greasy, then wear a plastic cap and gently warm the hair for about 15 minutes, or with no heat and just a towel wrapped round for an hour. Coconut oil comes out with a conditioner only wash quite effectively.

For drying techniques I think heat drying is just adding insult to injury. Whenever possible, Air-dry.

February 15th, 2011, 05:01 PM
I did a deep coconut pil on her hair for hours and it made her hair almost 100% normal again (im guessing the protien in it) I am going to do one more soak :) She is only 7 and really loves the straighter (mainly wavy) hair.

February 15th, 2011, 05:16 PM
It's very important to neutralize it!!!! please dont forget! The hair WILL fall out in clumps if you dont!
I also suggest intense protein treatment followed by moisturising DC.Keep the moisture levels up and if you're going to relax again the new growth it's very important to stretch it as much as you can,while taking great care at the demarcation line.