View Full Version : Bored with my hair, any ideas to make it look different without drastically changing?

February 4th, 2011, 12:13 PM
Hi everyone! I'm just going through one of those phases: I am bored with my hair. It's brown/black and past BSL so it's pretty long (though I can't wait till it's much longer!).

I don't want to get it cut, because I did cut off a little recently, and I also got weird looking side bangs. I also absolutely don't want to dye it, and I obviously don't want to use my flat iron or curling thong either because of the breakage. I also like my hair when it's down because my face looks unfeminine and 'rough' when it's up. I know..doesn't leave many options, does it? :p Would love to know any suggestions or if you can share things you do to your hair when you want to jazz things up! I do braids at night because I love wavy hair but the waves disappear too quickly....I also do love flowers in my hair....any other ideas?

February 4th, 2011, 12:20 PM
I hear ya, I'll be watching this thread too for any ideas as well.. It's winter here and it's the winter blahs! I personally when feeling like I need a peep will have a spa day at home all about me! :) Do a hair pack,(I find stuff in the kitchen) face peel, paint toe nails, fingernails etc,

I know the question was about hair only, but sometimes when you do it all it just all falls into place. :)

February 4th, 2011, 01:15 PM
Wrapping hair is a heat free way to straighten it, and others use rag curls or caruso rollers to curl their hair. I think there are ways to make the wave last longer, like with gel or setting lotion.

What about half ups? They're much more flattering and less severe than other updos that pin all the hair up, so maybe that's something to experiment with? You can also do a mini-braid (french or dutch) along the hairline as a sort of headband.

February 4th, 2011, 03:11 PM
As far as the hair itself:
- a doobie - for heatless straightening
- english plaits - for waves - try french ones or several smallish ones if you don't like the straight bit at the top; wrap the tail in a small piece of fabric or ribbon like rag-curls if you don't like the straight bit at the bottom
- rope braids (for loose waves/curls)
- rag curls, bandana curls (see the articles section) - for whurls/curls
- pin curls - either for curls, or just to wear up - also, there is a way to do two rows of pin curls along the hairline and comb them together to make a faux pin-up style fringe - again, see youtube!)

- to soften most updos, try the updo lift (see the articles section)
- try half-ups
- peacock twists might still work with your length and be 'up' but still show off the hair
- some sort of crown braid look-alike? can you do heidi braids? if you can't yet, perhaps try plaiting a long, narrow rectangular scarf as one of your 3 strands - put the middle of the scarf at your nape and put half the scarf in each plait - the extra length helps do the heidi braids, the scarf makes easy securing of the ends and you can add a zing of colour ^_^
- not to enable or anything but ... new hairtoy? I <3 my flexi-8

Some slightly more radical ideas:
- semi-permenant, hair-safe dye (e.g. Manic Panic) in a funky colour
- hair falls / faux dreads
- microbraids with or without colourful string or ribbon in
- thread wraps (like you get at festivals, though I'm not sure how damaging these could be in the long run - it would probably depend on where the wrap was and so how often it got pulled/tugged/etc. - and also on the skill of the person putting it in)

Hope that gives you some inspiration!

February 4th, 2011, 03:16 PM
I think updos are a thing you have to get used to. I doubt your face looks rough or unfeminine at all! You can leave your bangs out.