View Full Version : Need help achieving mahogany

February 3rd, 2011, 06:17 PM
I really would like to henna towards mahogany. I have been doing hendigo, and my indigo fades usually and I am left with a chestnut color in the sun but more brown inside. My natural color is medium brown. I have only been doing hendigo maybe five times total. First time I used henna and indigo mixed 50/50, second time a strong gloss with the same, third time Lush Caca Marron, and last time a strong gloss again, with indigo fading each time and more chestnut color left. Would it be a color I have to work up to with repeat applications or could I adjust my hendigo, or should I just henna and forget the indigo (even though the thought of straight henna scares me :p)? TIA