View Full Version : Not sure what is happening to my scalp

February 2nd, 2011, 11:38 PM
Ever since I tryed CO just ONCE, and this has been over a month ago, my scalp is weird. I'm getting tiny skin flakes nad something like pimples on scalp. I used ketoconasol shampoo thinking it is dandruff, well, maybe it is, but it does not go away. It does not itch nor there is much of flakes, but they do annoy me. I don't CO anymore. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I stopped dying my hair and my roots get greasy now (they didn't while dying), but it doesn't make sense that sking would peel off. Any thoughts?

February 4th, 2011, 01:43 PM
Scalps can be finicky; mine went crazy from going no 'poo. I sympathize! If you mentioned being itchy I would suggest checking out the seborrheic dermatitis thread or a dandruff thread, but since you don't itch, maybe your scalp is just having a tantrum??Or you could always head over to the CO thread and check to see if anyone else had similar problems.

Maybe a sugar scrub to get rid of the flakes (brown sugar mixed with conditioner, or maybe in your case a shampoo or shampoo/conditioner, or even a bit of water, plain, and then scrub scrub scrub!)--but an SMT or, hmm, a heavy oiling before your next wash day might be better...at the very least it'll make your hair happy, which might help you forget about your scalp for a while. Another thing which might be good to do is check out the ingredient list on that conditioner; maybe it was a different one than your usual? Or too coney/ didn't have enough cones/ too fragranced, etc., and it ticked off your scalp as a result?

Oh!--And though I haven't yet used it myself, Cassia is supposedly good for clearing up scalp issues (btw, my scalp was healthier when dyeing too...just not my hair!) while helping with the actual hair too, so it would be a double whammy. Plus, it doesn't change the color of your hair unless it's already a blonde.

Good luck, and HTH!

February 4th, 2011, 03:43 PM
Are you using an ACV rinse? It could be buildup on your scalp causing itching and clogged pores (leading to pimples).

I haven't had much experience with CO but I do know that my scalp freaks out if it is cleansed with CO: lots of shedding, itching and flaking. Much of this is solved by extra thorough rinsing and a good ACV rinse.

Maybe a good clarifying session will help? :)

ETA: My sensitive scalp loves neem oil diluted in EVOO; if you decide to try this do a patch test on your arm to ensure there's no allergic reaction.