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Purdy Bear
February 1st, 2011, 06:47 AM
I know about some alternative therapies for hair growth:


but what others are there?

Iv just started doing self hands on healing for myself, not just my hair and in just two days I feel a lot better. Im not sure wether is the fact Im relaxing for 10-20 minutes but I seem to have more energy.

Iv done a reflexology course for 6 weeks, many years ago, so I may try that as well.

Id love to hear anything youv all tried and what the results were.

I wonder if anyone has tried a prayer circle! I know in some cases they work for such things as cardiac patients - the bigger the circle the better the results.

Iv also got lots of geology stones and gems to try at some point in time. I tried rose quartz and amethyst on a photograph but it didnt have any affect.

February 1st, 2011, 09:29 AM
I'm not sure if this counts, but I've heard & read that if you rub your nails together it makes your hair grow faster. Don't know if it works though? :shrug:

Acupuncture also seems to help so many people with so many things I can imagine there would be some way to use it to stimulate hair growth. :agree:

February 1st, 2011, 10:11 AM
Definately meditation

February 2nd, 2011, 11:14 AM
Castor oil has been rumored to aid in hair growth. I decided I would try it out and now a month later I am noticing a halo of half an inch to inch long fuzz around my head. I have never ever had fuzz before so I can safely say it is a bunch of new growth. It is a very thick oil and I would recommend diluting it with a thinner oil such as almond, apricot, sunflower seed, or Jajoba. I just mix the oil with apricot oil into my palm and lightly massage it onto my scalp in circular motions. How long you leave it on is up to you. I only did three treatments this month and it has made a difference. I was also using it for the oil cleansing method on my face and noticed I needed to pluck my eyebrows a lot more. One word of advice however be sparing! you don't need lots of this stuff for it to work. it is hard to wash out and can make your scalp a bit itchy if caked on too heavily. Try it on your eyebrows and see if it makes a difference since eyebrows are short you will notice a difference much quicker. Hope it works give it a try.

February 3rd, 2011, 07:23 PM
i never heard that about castor oil. i think I'll try. Where did you buy yours?

February 3rd, 2011, 08:55 PM
I use castor oil and have a beautiful halo of 1.5 inches of hair! I have been using it since mid- december. I mix it in with two other oils, and leave it on over night 1-3 times a week!

I bought it at Kmart in the hair care area. :)

February 4th, 2011, 04:01 PM
what do you mean a new halo? does the castor oil make you grow new hair that looks like fuzz?

February 4th, 2011, 04:50 PM
A friend of mine at work says she used Burdock oil and it worked really well. She quit when she came to America because she can't find it, but I know if you google it, lots of places sell it.

February 4th, 2011, 05:08 PM
I'm using castor oil and arnica oil. Something is working. I was down to 2.4" ponytail last spring, but I'm back up to 3" now.
Crossing my fingers it all stays on my head!

February 4th, 2011, 05:15 PM
I don't know but I wonder if there are any reflexology points that would work?

February 4th, 2011, 05:43 PM
I remember there were a couple of threads on using EFT for hair. It may have even been on the old boards.

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique, which somehow combines working with meridians (similar to reflexology) and affirmations - at least to my eye/ear. But it seems to be working for many people and many issues. Don't know if anyone applied it consistently to hair growth and what results they may have had...

February 4th, 2011, 06:01 PM
I think there can certainly be a mental aspect to it. Positive thinking has to be involved. After all, your hair is about two inches away from your thoughts :p

I don't know much about this. I'm trying the castor oil myself and I found an essential oil recipe that DH is going to try to avoid the curse of MPB if he can. Get 'em while they're young ;)

That's about as alternative as I know about, but I'd love to hear what other people know!