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January 31st, 2011, 09:01 PM
Hello all!

I am just around my 2 year anniversary (lurked for a bit) and I have been trying to find the perfect way to measure growth and thickness at the hemline for documenting my growth...over these past 2 years I have no wonderful photo gallery like a good deal of you have, to show all my hard work of gaining over a foot in length...I am sure I do now (read near the bottom) for any further growth I do manage, but I was hoping to hear what all of your succeesses have been with.

I believe when I begain I was just past 30", using the tape from the front of the scalp method, and currently my growth has slowed but I hope it will gradually (and soon!) reach 45" (I am 42-43" now).

After seeing so many length picture diaries, I began taking pics long ago, but can't seem to take them regularly enough, such as 30 or 60 day intervals...its more of when I am healthy enough to get my hair washed, dressed in something other than jammies and off the couch and able to stand long enough all before I need to lay down and put my hair up due to medical issues. So I dont have this photo gallery for me to look at for encouragement to see just how far I've come. Due to frustrations with not being able to tell well how much thicker my hemline is getting, or how close to my dream length I am getting, a while ago I thought of a perfect solution....a horizontally STRIPED shirt to wear for every photo. Well, for me it's a dress, but still. I really lucked out and found one that has perfect 1" stripes, and the end of the dress hits right at 44.5" when worn...how perfect for me since my goal is 45"!!

I have loved having my striped dress to take pictures in, as I don't have to use a measuring tape, or anything to see just how much my hair has grown. I know every picture will have the same elements in it, and from now on it will be easy to track my growth. I just wanted to see what you all have found as the perfect way to record your length and hemline progression?

I've also been photographing the ends against a measuring tape, to see if they are thickening up at all, and I wish there was an easier way to do this...I think I am going to try combing it out on my rotary cutting board, which is basically a huge sheet of material with inch square lines on it, maybe that will be easier, although I'd need help. Right now I just comb out the ends on a pillow, which I can then bring to the front of my body and rest on a table and photograph, and compare the numbers shown on the measuring tape, etc, etc.

How do all of you track your growth and the thickening up of your hemline? (besides a measuring tape)

I used to be a MASSIVE supporter of ONLY a straight hemline as acceptable, until my hair had a growth spurt between cuts and I got super close to my goal, but I had switched to a perfect 'fairytale' hemline...so now I have the huge battle of length over thickness. Health is not an issue for me, as I am really strict with S&D's along the bottom 12" and along the sides for splits, so it's a very healthy hemline, although I still just can't feel totally proud without a straight hemline...and then I think of how long some of the ringlets are, and then I think of how stringy/wispy they do get in sections....ggaaahh!! Do many of you struggle with the same issues? I was such a strict supporter of a perfectly straight hemline, and now I am all wanting length (as long as it is healthy) over hemline type....

January 31st, 2011, 09:49 PM
I measure mine with the suggested stripe shirt, that I now hate and it's only been 4 months :) but it does help to see the progress it's what keeps me going. the only thing is you really have to be somewhat careful to have head in exact position because one little tilt and it can be a very different measurement so really the best way to measure is by tape

January 31st, 2011, 09:56 PM
With each picture, make sure to hold your chin at exactly the same angle every time. The striped shirt is a good idea. I used to just tie a belt at my waist and see how long it would be in relation to that.