View Full Version : What products worked for you and what didn't?

January 20th, 2011, 04:22 AM
Overall, what hair products worked well for you and what didn't? What did you find works best for your hair basically?

I found that coconut oil, EVOO works best on my hair. Dabur Amla oil didn't make any difference to my hair at all. The hesh brand of Aritha & Shikakai herbal powder made my hair worse- ie dry, tangled & greasy.

Castor oil is too thick so I don't like applying it on my hair.

Boar bristle brush makes my hair very silky & shiny but its a struggle to get it through my thick hair with medium fine texture.

Using honey on my hair lightened it within one day.

Using lemon or natural youghurt keeps my hair soft and helps eliminate dandruff completly.

:D So thats the things Ive discovered so far, I would love to hear what worked and didn't work for everyone else.

January 20th, 2011, 09:38 PM
Well, I REALLY like using castor oil as a pre-wash scalp treatment. I also like it on my length - just a drop or two daily, although when I'm not wearing a looser, 'messy' bun, I may start putting more on as it REALLY eliminates tangles! Would like to try jojoba and aloe vera.

Tried shea butter - didn't like it at all. Comb was much harder to use.

Tried a 'natural' poo and condish from health store - Mill Creek Keratin - since it did wonders for my hair as a younger woman, but it so does not work now! Tangles, tangles, tangles.

Using ACV rinse after shampoo but before conditioner!!! (Someone on LHC posted that they did this - thanks!) Works very well this way, but doesn't work if I do it after conditoning.

Quite diluted Head and Shoulders Shampoo works very well for me, and I like to follow with Dove Moisture Damage Therapy Conditioner. Leaves my hair sooooooo silky, but I wouldn't mind something that leaves it fuller that doesn't take away the softness!