View Full Version : TLHC saved my hair.. plus a great conditioner

January 13th, 2011, 11:27 PM
I am so glad I found TLHC and so grateful for all you wonderful people on here who share amazing tips and products. I was AWFUL to my hair before I found this place.. brushing with a cheapo plastic brush right after washing, shampooing every day with ammonium sulfates, throwing a towel on my head and scrubbing at my scalp to dry my hair afterwards, the list could go on! No wonder my hair felt like sandpaper.

Thankfully now I've discovered the wonderfulness that is CO-washing, along with a wide tooth comb, S&Ding, drip drying, metal-free elastics, hair sticks, etc. Already I have noticed a 100% difference in my hair and tonight my boyfriend even asked what I was doing to my hair differently because it was super soft and shiny (this is a huge deal for me because he didn't notice before when I got highlights or when I even cut off 5 inches of hair). My hair has looked so much thicker lately, so shiny and silky smooth. So again, thank you so much to everyone here on the forum for your wonderful tips! :cheese:

Now, about that conditioner.. I got a Suave Almond and Shea Butter conditioner for CO-washing the other day and it is great! I read a couple reviews on here that it was a great conditioner and its worked good for me.. I think it does have cones in it, but if you don't mind them then you should try it out. It smells like cocoa butter (yuuum) and is super moisturizing. My hair felt like silk after the first use!