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January 11th, 2011, 11:06 PM
Hey, everyone! I am having a terrible time with my hair lately. It gets SO tangley and knotted! When I was a little kid, I had long hair and it would get so tangled sometimes that my mom would actually have to cut the knots out. And even when I had my hair in a bob, it would still manage to get really tangled. Right now, I am almost at APL and I have it in layers. It is fairly straight and about medium thickness.

I use Johnson & Johnson detangler spray on it before I comb it; I usually try to finger-comb the tangles and I try to always start at the bottom of my hair. At night, I have been wearing it in a braid and during the day, I wear it in some kind of simple bun or in a braid (French/English). Most of the time, I do find some tangles in the morning or after I shower and I end up losing hair. Today was awful, though!

How can I get fewer knots/tangles? What is the best way to deal with knots when you do have them? Does detangler spray even do anything? I feel like it does, but then I also think it might be a placebo somehow. :)

Anyway, thanks for any suggestions!

January 11th, 2011, 11:24 PM
Have you ever clarified your hair? I find when mine gets tangly if I clarify and then do a deep conditioning treatment, the tangles go.

January 12th, 2011, 12:40 AM
My hair is very prone to tangles. I find that I get a lot fewer when I use an ACV rinse. I also make sure I thoroughly detangle before washing and again after washing while still in the shower. Try using a wide tooth comb while you have conditioner on your hair.

I tend to get knots at my nape quite often. I have found that using my fingers to gently work them loose is the best way to get them out and avoid damage. For my hair, I have to detangle either when it is soaking wet or completely dry. If it is damp any attempt to comb it will only cause more tangles. You could try experimenting with when you comb your hair to see if that helps.

I no longer need a detangler spray since I started the ACV rinses. I did find that they helped quite a bit when I used them.