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January 8th, 2011, 11:55 AM
Im only 36 & have a ton of gray hair. My new growth is almost all gray & wirey!http://www.salongeek.com/images/smilies/irked.gif I was trying to go au naturale but my hair is becoming so unmanagable - I took the plunge & colored.

Up to this point Ive been using semi-perm store box color for almost 6 years & the texture of my hair is very coarse, dry, brittle. IMO, my hair is in pretty bad shape. I do use professional shampoo/conditioner & my feels a little better, but doesnt look any better

I think my natural color is brunette close to a level 6 - but I have a lot of gray!!

I was using semi perm color but decided to stop coloring to go natural. The semi perm color was not coloring my gra anyway & my hair was looking really nasty - it was like 5 different colors!

So a couple nights ago a friend talked me into coloring again. We used Goldwell Professional Permanant #6bkv & Colorance 6R. Keep in mind that my roots are very gray - but my thought was I would achieve a nice even all over color with a
# 6BKV - however my roots turned dark pink/reddish & very shiney & noticeable (brassy?)! The rest of the color looks pretty even - medium brown color - but the roots not so much!

I am desperate for manageable healthy looking hair & I now Im stuck with nasty roots. How terrible is this going to be to grow out? Any suggestions?
My hair is very thick/coarse/straight & I have a ton of gray!
Thanks again!

January 8th, 2011, 12:49 PM
You could use Henna or henndigo on your hair after a bit! Just make sure you get pure henna, BAQ(body art quality), especially considering your past experience with box-dyes. The metallic salts in impure henna can lead to disaster.
Henna is also very conditioning, but it's a translucent orange-red stain-so your whites will have a different shade than the rest, but with further applications it'll become more even.
Do a bit of reading on this site: http://www.hennaforhair.com/ and see if it suits you:)