View Full Version : fancy styles or what to do with hair on stage.

December 30th, 2010, 09:02 PM
Hi all, I am looking for some style help from other super long hairs. I have beyond classic length that is mostly straight and, aside from some fringe I am growing out (still have a wispy fringe), a basic u blunt cut (no layers). Currently I am a college student (yes I am older) in the field of music education. At school, we perform about 6 times a term (3-4 for class and 2-4 concerts) and are expected to look professional for these performances. Of course as a performer this is a bit different than say an "office" professional look and I am looking for a little help.

For some performances, I will stick with my cinabun or other bun up do. But there are a few I would like a "fancy do" with part of my hair down or a style that shows off length as only a long hair can do it. Rarely will I have it all down as I fear getting tangled on a chair, stand or other getting on and off stage. Possibly for recital but not much else. (I do wear it down to school when I have a headache and no up or braid is comfortable but I am careful.) They also need to be easy to do as time can be a factor some days with kids, school, work, travel etc.

So I am looking for dos that fit 3/5 of these:
1. show off length
2. at least half up
3. easy to do
4. elegant/fancy
5. professional

picture or video tutorials would be helpful.

Thank you!

Jessica Trapp
December 30th, 2010, 09:20 PM
A french twist decorated with a fancy hair toy where the ends are left out to show off the length might be pretty.


Michelle Ravel
December 30th, 2010, 11:29 PM
I am a professional musician, and I have to say that I rarely wear my waist-length hair down in concert. However, here are some of my staples:

1) A bun slightly off to one side, with a huge hair flower clip or feathery fascinator adds real drama. It's all about the hair accessories.

2) A log roll with a sparkly ficcare always looks polished.

3) For a very fancy do, put your hair in curlers the night before. Put curled hair in ponytail, then pin curls randomly all over your head to hide the elastic. You end up with a sort of bun with curls hanging out at different lengths. I did my hair like this at my wedding.

4) When I want to show off my hair length, honestly, I just wear it down. I have wavy hair, so I try to scrunch so it's as curly as possible. Then I pin the sides up with hair clips to keep it out of my way, and I'm done. If you're worried about sitting on your hair, perhaps only do this in concerts when you're standing (I don't know what you play) or in concerts that don't matter much, like a pops concert or something.