View Full Version : Dilute SMT as a day long leave in.

December 20th, 2010, 04:45 PM
We all love SMTs right? Well, I do. Today after washing my hair in the morning and air drying, I was in my bathroom getting ready to put my hair up into a damp bun. When I spotted an empty honey container on the counter, left over from my last SMT. I picked it up, to take it to the recycling bin, and noticed there was a good sized blob remaining in the bottom of the jar.

Hmmm, I had all of the ingredients for an SMT right in front of me and a hot water tap. Iíve been looking for a cone free leave in conditioner for a while. So while my hair was still damp, I mixed the blob of honey, aloe vera gel and my favorite cone free conditioner with warm water in the empty honey bottle. Then liberally sprinkled it on my hair, which was already damp. Finger combed it and put it up into a loose messy nautilus bun.

Basically, I know my hair likes all of these ingredients and that they are good for its moisture content. Also my hair was damp, so there was a lot of available moisture for the humectants (honey and aloe vera). Essentially it was a very dilute SMT, left on for a lot longer than I could conveniently ever wear a shower cap during the day. If Iíd put make up on, Iíd have been good to go out of the house!

After a few hours, I checked that my hair wasnít gross. It looked like it needed a wash, but Iím pretty sure itís full of moisture. In an attempt to keep the moisture inside the hair, I oiled it with coconut oil and re-bunned. Iím going to leave it like this until bed-time. When Iíll do a CWC with dilute SLS free shampoo and cone free conditioner and let it air dry on my pillow over night.

Hopefully tomorrow morning, when the first of our Christmas guests arrive, my hair should be nice and clean, and thick and full of moisture Ö

Has anybody else tried anything like this?

December 20th, 2010, 05:15 PM
I get buildup with both honey and aloe vera gel so I can't use them too often, but I've often used conditioner mixed with oil as a leave-in. Works great. :agree:

December 20th, 2010, 05:40 PM
I've often used conditioner mixed with oil as a leave-in. Works great. :agree:

Hmmm, a conditioner-oil mix! Sounds great Virgo75, I'll try that next weekend :)

Cheers :)