View Full Version : Brahmi Oil and Conditioner Question

December 19th, 2010, 11:30 AM
I know it's not a hair toy, but I was quite excited to get my new bottle of Brahmi oil the other day and I thought I would share. :o
I don't know if anyone has any experience using this stuff, but it seems pretty hardcore to me, considering I can't read the info on the box, other than the ingredients list. Everything else is in Hindi(?) I think. I'm not good with languages.
Anyways, not sure what the policy here is about linking to external sites, but if this link is disabled, I will try to follow up with some pictures.
http://www.ayurnaturalbeauty.com/products/Ramtirth-Brahmi-Oil.html (http://www.ayurnaturalbeauty.com/products/Ramtirth-Brahmi-Oil.html)
This stuff certainly is different from my normal Vatika hair oil. It's got a lovely emerald-green color and a strong, herbal, earthy scent. But my hair seems to love coconut oil, so I'm hoping this stuff will add some extra oomph with all the herbs! :)
Ok, a quick newbie conditioner question. I have a habit of using a lot of condition...I mean a lot of conditioner. Normally like two or three palmfuls. Even more when I'm washing out a heavy oiling. Though, I suppose it depends on the thickness of the conditioner. I can usually get away with slightly less with a thicker, creamier conditioner.
But I just feel so guilty about using so much! :( Is it bad that I use so much? It seems like the only thing that my hair really likes.

December 19th, 2010, 01:10 PM
Brahmi oil is something I'd use on the scalp for massage to help increase the circulation of the scalp. With conditioners, it all depends on how thick it is. I found suave conditioners to be great for removing oils since they're thicker..I end up using less in the long run.