View Full Version : Detoxing from SLS Shampoo... Can't STAND the OIL - disgusting!

December 16th, 2010, 10:40 AM
Hi everyone,

It has been a really long time since I've posted here LOL. Anyhow, I've recently thrown out all of my hair and body products with toxins in them, including shampoo with sodium laureth sulfate. I tried washing with just baking soda and then doing the ACV rinse. Well it made my hair really nice for about two days, except that the baking soda clung to my scalp like dandruff.

Then my hair got oily. I know it's normal for hair to be oily during the "detox" period (several weeks, right?). So I decided I needed a natural, non-toxic shampoo instead, especially b/c of the fake "dandruff" look. I just couldn't rinse the baking soda out well enough, apparently. I spent $10 on a small (8oz) bottle of Ginesis. Smells great. Made my hair instantly nicer the first time I used it.

Now my hair is back to being oily again. I look like a giant greaseball. I even cut out the ACV rinse thinking maybe it was making my hair too "slick". I can't even wear my hair down b/c it looks so nasty. I HATE this. I need a solution ASAP. I cannot go through four more weeks of oily, nasty hair. HELP! :(