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December 10th, 2010, 11:28 AM
Hi guys and girls,

Let me start by saying that I really love this board and learned so much already.

Now since I'm reading up on everything here I found out that I'm not a straighthair like I always thought but a wavy !
Today I wanted to lighten my (hennaed) hair a bit with a honey lightning. So I washed my hair as always with a soapbar and then applied the mix of honey, cardemon and distilled water. I'm not sure my hair is lighter but I did my first plopping too (:p) and now my hair looks really nice !
Only problem is that I didn't really wash the honey out, I rinsed it out and missed a couple of spots :D I don't want to shampoo it again as it is quiet prone to frizzing. Do you experts think I can put coconut oil in it for the night and then use soapnuts, rhassoul or shikakai to wash it out ? I used rhassoul and shikakai before but that was when I was still convinced I had straight hair and I can't really remember the effect. I have the impression that my hair frizzes a lot so that I need some oils or a really gentle wash to keep my hair happy. I don't use conditioner because I can't really find one I'm happy with and my hair doesn't react to well on CO washes.
I hardly ever comb my hair, but I comb it in the shower. Since I don't use condish I comb it while it all sudsed up. Any tips there ?

And while I'm asking : I can't see the photo's for the hairtyping (think it is my computer but can't seem to fix it) I wanted to see types 1C through 2C ...

Thanks !

December 11th, 2010, 12:53 PM
Since nobody replied this is what I tried :

I oiled my hair with lots (and I mean lots !) of coconut oil yesterday evening.
I boiled a handful of soapnuts and strained them adding the juice of half of a lemon and some drops of neroli and rosemary.
Before I stepped in the shower I put a little bit of this concotion in a bottle shaking it really hard so I got foam. This foam I distributed on my dry hair, leaving it to sit for a bit. Once in the shower I rinced this very well and then added a bit of the liquid (so without foam) and then combed my hair while I was rinsing it. After the first wash my hair felt a bit coated (coconut oil that didn't really wash out ?) After I soaked and rinsed and combed my hair felt wonderful !
I next put it in a towel for 5 min to soak up a lot of water, after that I put some of Nightbloomings Vegan panacea and put it up in a different towel (plopping style thingy)
Now it is dry and feels gorgeous : soft, silky with lots of gloss ! First of I thought it looked a bit oily, but it actually isn't it just has this really high gloss :D
I still have a bit of frizz but nothing major. I think that the frizz is because of lots newer hair is growing in and this new hair looks much more wavy then my normal hair.
I began this journey thinking I was a 1b then I needed to change this to a 2a/2b. After a henna I thought I made a mistake and was an 1c/2a. Now however I think yes 2b even maybe going on 2c :confused:
Maybe it is wishful thinking : I always wanted curly hair !

December 11th, 2010, 04:49 PM
I'm glad it worked out. I too have always wanted curly hair, but alas I think the best I can possibly hope for is wavy and that's at the outside. Right now I'm firmly in 1a/1b territory.

I don't have a lot of experience using natural remedies for my hair outside of basic things like oiling. I have been meaning to pick up some of that panacea when I have extra money again, though. I'm dying to try it.

You might find a bit more information about lightening henna over in the natural hair care section.

Either way thanks for posting your experiences. I'm sure other people have been in the same boat. ^_^

December 12th, 2010, 10:48 AM
oh really try the panacea Coan-Teen ! So nice (money wise maybe a trial size first ?)

A further update : well I can forget about curly :p Wavy it will be !
Second day my hair feels fluffy and slick, not really oily but I have a feeling I will need to wash tomorrow ... it is beginning to look a bit piece-y (?)

The honey lighting did work a bit, I think. After a lot of hennaing my hair was rather dark and I think I do have a bit of the fiery glow back. I really need to learn to do roots only, but I'm such a klutz :o