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March 11th, 2008, 09:18 PM
Hi all :) I realise I have been absent for quite some time and I have missed you all very much. Hopefully some of you read Nightshade's post before the site went down which explained the situation. For those who didn't: I'm now ash blonde (and loving the close match to my natural colour!) and have my hair cut to a shoulder length bob. I just felt I didn't have much to contribute for a while so I've been lurking occasionally. I am of course looking after my hair in the usual way (CO, oiling etc.) and it is growing...slowly :)

Anyway, I am heading to the US on Friday. It will be my fourth visit there (hubby is American) but this time I'm really keen to purchase some of those hair products that are not available here in Australia. Some items on my list: various conditioners (eg. Nexxus Humectress, Jason), hair toys (Ficarres, headbands) and anything else I see which I've read about on here over the years.

I would like suggestions on other products, perhaps for blonde hair? Are there stores I should visit in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Chicago?

Thank you for any suggestions :flower:

March 11th, 2008, 09:45 PM
If it were me and I had a postal address I would look at Heavenly Harvest (http://www.heavenlyharvestinc.com/), Hair Ringz (http://www.hairingz.com/ExtendedProducts.asp) as the postage makes buying from them difficult. I'd buy some V05 conditioners, some Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner and one of those combs that you need to make a puffy bun (my google fu fails me). I'd take a look at Sallys, Nordstroms and the bargain stores I hear about where people buy $20 worth of things and need a box to carry it all out of the store :)

March 11th, 2008, 09:46 PM
Rini!!! I have no idea what you should buy -- but so good to see you back!!!

March 11th, 2008, 10:03 PM
Thanks Darkwaves:inlove: It's good to be back Your hair is looking BEAUTIFUL btw!!!!

March 11th, 2008, 11:39 PM
Hi Rini! As far as recommendations, I agree that a trip to Sally's will definitely be a good thing. It's so good to see you back!!

March 11th, 2008, 11:43 PM
Jason Henna Highlights Conditioner and shampoo, and Aubrey Organics Seabuckthorn Detangler and Curl enhancer :D

And since I can't have a cuppa with you, I'll have to recommend you try an Oregon brand chai latte if you can find it in a cafe :) That's what I'd have.

March 12th, 2008, 12:29 AM
I'll add that if you got a Heavenly Harvest comb and didn't like it I'd like to be first in line if you wanted to sell or swap it :)

March 12th, 2008, 03:38 AM
OhioLisa...hey girl!! Nice to see you again :D I will definitely go to Sallys, that is a great idea. You guys always talk about that place, so I just have to see it!

I'm sorry we can't catch up Nightshade :( I will have a cuppa in your honour and see if I can find that Oregon stuff. Thanks for the Jason and Aubrey recs!

Actually Liluri, I do have a heavenly harvest comb already (good ol' ebay!) and use it all the time so no sales on that anytime soon. Is there still a swap board somewhere though?

March 12th, 2008, 04:21 AM
I visited San Francisco a few months ago (actually, it was half a year ago! Time flies!) and had a grand time :D

I can recommend Nordstroms for Ficcare Maximas - they had them in all sizes, but a very limited colour selection, just the basic collection. China Town is great for cheap sticks and shiny pins and barrettes, and Haight Ashbury for funky metal sticks and forks.

Have a great time in the States - and welcome back to LHC!

March 12th, 2008, 04:27 AM
I don't have an answer to your question, I just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you back at LHC!

March 12th, 2008, 04:41 AM
Actually Liluri, I do have a heavenly harvest comb already (good ol' ebay!) and use it all the time so no sales on that anytime soon. Is there still a swap board somewhere though?

Yes there is but I've never been quick enough to get a comb there!

March 12th, 2008, 05:05 AM
Whenever I travel to the US, I just load up on tons of Suave Naturals conditioner. They do sell it here, but for a lot more money.

March 12th, 2008, 07:00 AM
I second a trip to Sallys. And have fun while your here!

March 12th, 2008, 07:37 AM
I'm from the US but I live in London. Every time I go back there I go to the supermarket Whole Foods to stock up. The larger ones at least have enormous hair care sections where I could spend hours reading all the ingredient labels. And Whole Foods are quite organic/natural/environmentally friendly oriented so many of the conditioners and stuff are free from silicones and parabens and unnecessary chemicals and have lovely oils and EOs in them. And the best thing is that they're cheap! Probably average price is around $5 or so. So if you have time you should definitely look up the nearest large Whole Foods and pay a visit. Enjoy your trip!

March 12th, 2008, 08:00 AM
Hi Rini! So nice to see ya! Hang around for a while okay?:)

Have you ever tried Giovanni? I love that stuff, not sure what you have available there in the land down under though. I love the 50/50 conditioner and Direct leave-in. You can get them at a lot of health food stores. I don't find much at Sally's except those really nice smooth bobby pins and the good days hair pins. It might be worth it to check at different Nordstrom's if you go to different cities. I have been to some that have a really good variety of Ficcares and then some that just have a few basic ones. You may want to check out a Big Lots for VO5, Suave products and some cute cheap hair toys. (I adore VO5 strawberries and cream conditioner and Suave clarifying shampoo).

March 12th, 2008, 08:24 AM
If I had the chance to go to the US, I'd most definitely buy a heat cap! In my part of the world, there is no such thing. I improvise with microwave heated pads and a towel but...I"d love to have the real thing.

Oh, and a sleep cap from satin. Never saw such a thing here, never ever. *dream....*

March 13th, 2008, 04:14 AM
Some great suggestions! Thank you so much :flower: I gotta get to bed.....plane to catch tomorrow :D

March 14th, 2008, 07:41 PM
Thanks Darkwaves:inlove: It's good to be back Your hair is looking BEAUTIFUL btw!!!! Thanks, Rini! And please let us know what you load up on!

March 14th, 2008, 07:55 PM
If you are near a Whole Foods or healthy food type store, they often have interesting items for hair/skin/etc., even if you just want to browse.

July 23rd, 2018, 08:32 AM
Try Marshall’s when you’re in California.

July 23rd, 2018, 08:54 AM
Try Marshall’s when you’re in California.

Krissy, this thread is 10 years old. How did you find it?

July 23rd, 2018, 09:48 AM
Krissy, this thread is 10 years old. How did you find it?

OMG threads from within the depths of LHC! ;)

July 23rd, 2018, 09:59 AM
Hah wow, old thread indeed.

Personally I’ve been trying to get my hands on some simple Suave deep cleansing shampoo, but I can’t for the life of me find it in this country or even in the EU so that I could order it at decent price with decent shipping. :D So if I went to the US, I’d try to hunt down some of that.

It’s also ridiculous what kind of selections they have in basic stores. I could find tons of products I’d be willing to use on my hair there. Not so easy around here. :)

July 25th, 2018, 04:55 PM
Krissy, this thread is 10 years old. How did you find it?
I'm sorry! I am really bad at looking at the dates of threads! I've done this a couple of times now. I'm not sure where I found it either. I thought I just stumbled on it, but if it's ten years old, then I don't know . . .