View Full Version : scalp & COing

October 28th, 2010, 09:15 AM
I started COing... months ago. Maybe 10? I don't even know, honestly. I loved it. But now, something has changed. I don't get the same clean feeling I used to. It just feels like I'm rubbing wax through my scalp and it never gets clean. Even if I shampoo first, which I do every couple of weeks.

It might be the type of conditioner I'm using. I don't have it with me and I'm being lazy right now so I'll go look it up later... but I'm pretty sure it's the vo5 mango or something like that. tangerine? idk. We have a few other bottles but I seem to get the same reaction with all of them. Any idea what's going on?

October 28th, 2010, 10:03 AM
I haven't experienced that, but it really sounds like you need to clarify, or maybe do a good scalp scrub.

There are instructions somewhere around here that basically suggest mixing a bunch of brown sugar with just enough conditioner to make it spreadable, then use that to scrub your scalp. It's supposed to be really good for getting off gunk if you can't get everything with normal washing. Just don't do it constantly, since I'm sure that sort of scrubbing/exfoliation is irritating if you do it too often.