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October 26th, 2010, 03:32 PM
I had a similar thread to this last year, but it got worse. My scalp was getting better, but in the summer (When I volunteered to work with some children, had to be a secretary of sorts and check people in, stressed me out beyond belief due to my social phobia) it just went ballistic. these spots were bolder and protruded more out of my hairline than ever before. There were solid red(not just the outline of a circle like in these pictures) circles going from my hairline down the back of my neck. and it hurt. I could hardly move my hair without being in extreme pain and it felt raw. My mom said it was just dry skin. I tried letting it be, but after a week I honestly couldn't take it. It hurt just to move my head up and down. So I figured, "hey, maybe its from COing for so long." What a brilliant idea. :rolleyes: My scalp dried out and flaked up so badly, no amount of SMTs or oils could stop it. It somehow managed to dry out and cause HUGE flakes (compared to the small ones these spots caused) that extended even farther than the spots themselves did. I diluted the shampoo too. I also think I shed more now, I don't recall shedding this much back when I didn't have this problem. I literally am losing maybe 10ish strands of hair every time I run my fingers through it, washing is much worse. It's gone up from about 20~40 lost strands to 50~80ish (Yes I'm weird and count the shed hairs that i stick onto the wall while washing. Better than clogging my mothers drain :shrug:).

Catnip tea helped for a little while, but once the fall weather came along it got bad again. I wish I had a picture of it from the summer, it was terrible. I hate you, dry, irritated scalp. Leaving you alone just collects flakes, washing you more often or with shampoo dries you out. You're itchy and painful and flaky and cause me to shed so much hair. The whole bottom part of my hair is only about shoulder length now, thanks to you shedding and having problems up until mid-ear length. I wish you would stop. Stupid dry scalp. :mad:

On a side note, I also get these patches on my legs and arms and occasionally other random places as well. It's been this way since middle school, so about 4-5 years, and it's only gotten worse.

And pictures for anyone curious:
This side is pretty calm, left nape of neck:

Behind the right ear is craziest though:

And another view, you can kind of see the red spots near my eyebrow/in front of my ear:

Questions: Could CO really be causing this? Could I just smear lotion into my hair on my scalp to fix it?

October 26th, 2010, 05:10 PM
I'm so sorry to read that it's gotten worse. :(

Yes, CO could be causing it. So could stress. So could something you're eating. Or vitamin supplements. Or some other product you're using elsewhere on your body. Please don't guess and try a cream that may do nothing or, worse, aggravate it more. I recommend making an appointment with a dermatologist. :flower: