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May 26th, 2008, 03:58 PM
:cheese:Well i am so happy to finally join. I've been coming here and reading all the threads for a really long time now. Even before on the older boards. I've wanted to grow my hair long for years and its slowly gettin there! my goal? well for now its waist but when i get there i may go for classic 8). i cwc..actually now I'm trying co. lol erm Ive been reading these terms for a really long time but its weird using them haha. i first tried co Saturday and i was really happy about the results! usually the day after i shower my hair is greasy and my bangs are just a mess..but they didn't get as greasy as usual and were very soft..i had some questions about co i asked somewhere else but all my responses told me not to put it on my scalp..here they are-
1.)Will this cause buildup?
2.) the whole reason i stopped putting conditioner on my scalp was cuz i read it clogs pores..will it clog my pores?
3.) will it work with any conditioner or just vo5?
4.)should i shampoo once in a while to prevent buildup?!
i just got out of the shower and Ive only done it twice but my vo5 is already practically out. :poot:
my hair is below my bra strap in the back...its about to hit that part in my back where its smallest..if that makes any sense..a few more inches and I'll be at waist. i don't put any heat on it. Oh and i had a really good salon experience Friday..which is weird...because Ive had so many bad ones. The lady listened..took off exactly the amount i asked for and was just an all around nice person. i went in their shaking lol because the last stylist when i told her i wanted a trim about half an inch she was like "oh so a few inches?" and i was like..um...just a half an inch...and she was like "but you needa cut off a few inches with all that frizz". Then when i denied cutting off a few inches again she just kinda tore through my hair..oww. i don't think my hair is frizzy..actually its never occurred to me..ever notice that something doesn't bother you until someone else points it out? :confused:
Also i use EVOO. i wet my hair put a bunch in put a towel around my head and wash it out in the morning. i treat my hair really good..i do use a wide tooth comb when its wet so it doesn't dry with any tangles..but with all the conditioner i use it usually just slides right through lol.
I have had people try to get me to cut it...My mom for example. when i lived with her about two years ago my friend cut her waist length hair to about chin length. (she looked great either way really) and my mom was begging me for the longest time to get it cut like hers...well i resisted but when it came time for a trim she was at it again..i got some layers around my face to kind of settle her down..their actually way past chin length now. Sometimes i feel like my hair isn't growing but i was looking back on some old videos and i can see now that it has.I've gotten a lot of compliments especially lately..and people always tell me how long it is..but i don't feel like its long. I only know how to do like 1 bun and braid my hair. Wait i also know how to do the sock bun...but pieces try to stick out :mad:. i have tried a lot of different hair-dos but i guess I'm just not good at them? the Chinese braided bun..it just looks kinda like a mess...and i tried another really pretty bun i saw on here...and wow um well it looked not so good..but with some practice hopefully i can change that! i want to start wearing my hair up more. i never did because i was always self-conscious about my ears. people calling me a fairy and pulling at my ears. their not necessarily pointy just big but i have now gotten over that..(thankfully). i just need some more up dos. i tried a french twist but the top of my hair was just a mess. I'm not growing out my bangs..they usually only make it about to my cheekbones before i cut them back...its just..me.:p My mom has long thick black hair i sometimes wish i had. but she straightens it so much its really damaged...as does my sister (who is trying to grow it out). Everyone who is trying to grow it out asks me what they should do but when i say lay off heat they just kinda "ehhh". My hair is brown...darker in winter, lighter in summer..i couldn't say the exact color. about two years ago i put red highlights in. those have grown out and turned a lighter color but i like it, they look pretty natural and are a bit lighter giving me more variation in the sunlight. Every time i wear my hair up people seem to want to touch it lol. Um i have no problem with this..most of the time. They will just come up to me and say hi! Then touch my bun. Oh i am Nikki by the way :bluebiggr.
i love watching and going to movies, hanging out with friends, playing video games, the supernatural, reading, writing, admiring art and a bunch of other stuff. i really need to learn more up dos. i have searched them a million times on Google but usually only find wedding, formal, or incredibly beautiful but complicated styles. wow Ive written a lot but I'm glad to get it all out. Thanks for listening ^__^

Riot Crrl
May 26th, 2008, 04:17 PM
Oh hi welcome!

CO will generally not cause buildup, but you have to be picky about the conditioner you use. If it has silicones, those generally take surfactants to remove, and will build up if no surfactants are used.

I never had it clog pores. And I did used to get clogged scalp pores when I was full of detergent and silicones.

It will work with many conditioners. It does not need to be Vo5. But as above, ingredients are an issue. If you use silicones and never use anything of the appropriate strength to remove them, they will stay on your hair.

If you don't use silicones, you don't have to shampoo if you don't want to. It's possible to get overmoisturized even with the most benign of conditioners, though. If that happens, try a diluted vinegar rinse.

Your hair sounds really pretty and it sounds like you're already doing really well with it!

May 26th, 2008, 04:23 PM
Hi and welcome to the boards! Would you mind using a darker color when you post? Thanks!

May 26th, 2008, 04:34 PM
wow thanks alot already!
justgreen- yea sorry after i posted i saw it was kinda complicated to read and had to highlight it myself to read it