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May 26th, 2008, 03:29 AM
So I guess the place to start is here. I'm new. I've had long hair and I cut it all off yesterday, I was in bad condition and I wanted to start over so now I have shorter hair and a lot less of a self esteem. My hair is gone but I'm hoping with help I can get it back, just this time longer and healthy.

Someone once said healthy short hair is better then long damaged hair and I agree so could you all help?

May 26th, 2008, 03:55 AM
Hi and a warm welcoms for all of us :)
Check out the articles section, there is an article on hair care basics (LINK (http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/vbjournal.php)). At the top of the page there is a bar which lists many places for you to explore.
Once you are done with articles just surf the boards and search first, because mostly what you ask has already been answered :)

May 26th, 2008, 04:02 AM
I will thank you.

May 26th, 2008, 04:33 AM
Very nice to meet you here.

May 27th, 2008, 09:42 AM
pleasure I'm sure.

May 27th, 2008, 10:23 AM
Hey happy growing

May 28th, 2008, 04:04 PM
Hi, welcome to the forum!:waving:
Don't worry that your hair is now shorter than before, it means that you can start with great care from the start so it will grow long and healthy.:)

May 28th, 2008, 04:11 PM
Welcome to LHC! You'll find a wealth of tips here for regrowing strong and lovely locks! Lots of members here have started out from scratch and you're not alone! Welcome to the boards!

May 30th, 2008, 06:58 PM
thank you all so very much.

May 31st, 2008, 09:26 AM
The good thing about hair: it grows back.

Happy growing!

June 4th, 2008, 02:18 PM
I would've never had the courage to cut all that lenght off! Even one inch trims kinda 'upset' me now..
Good luck on your hair growing journey!

June 5th, 2008, 06:50 AM
Hello and welcome. It sounds as if you have commited yourself to healthy hair! You've come to the right place. You will find lots of supportive people here with great ideas on caring for your hair.