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October 4th, 2010, 09:52 AM
My daughter is 11 and she is a swimmer - 2x each week. We currently use a clarifying shampoo (TreSemme Clarifying) after her swims and then just a TreSemme conditioner). Lately we find her scalp is dry. Do you think this shampoo is too drying; the conditioner not providing enough moisture? I was just reading about Chelating shampoos which are suppose to be the best when it comes to removing chlorine from the hair. We aren't sure whether to try that. We use coconut oil in her hair; usually once a week. I was hoping someone had some advice for this type of problem. I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head; but I'm not sure if any of them would work. ie: would it be a good idea to add a few drops of tea tree oil to her shampoo? Should she use a wee bit of coconut oil in her hair after washing after swimming... Any advice would be appreciated!!!! :)

October 4th, 2010, 10:00 AM
Hmmm... How about rinsing her hair, first with shower water (just to get out the excess pool water), then with club soda? That should chelate out the chlorine, without all the dryness from the clarifying shampoo. After that, she can CO, which can be nicely moisturizing to the scalp, a lot like putting lotion on it.

I suspect that the dryness is a combination of the clarifying shampoo (since these are often harsher than normal shampoos, which also can be pretty drying for some) and the pool water itself.

October 4th, 2010, 10:05 AM
Oh goodness, I can't quite remember who did it, but I think it was Little Cherry, she uses Club Soda to chelat. Try that first. Take a can of Club Soda with you and use it to rinse hair after the swim.

Also, from what I think I remember, clarifying shampoo should be used only once in a while or else they are too drying.
You may also try swimmers shampoo. Aubrey Organics has one.

October 4th, 2010, 11:19 AM
I'd avoid the clarifying shampoo if you can, and definitely try club soda. Also, if she saturates her hair in the showers before she gets in the pool, the hair won't absorb as much of the chlorinated pool water.