View Full Version : At a stand still!

September 28th, 2010, 08:53 AM
I feel like my hair is failing to grow at the moment. It was doing so well and now it seems to have stopped :(

I did switch to SLS free shampoo and cone free condish but my hair didnt like them. It was super tangly and would dry greasy from root to tip - which is strange because i have greasy roots and dry ends.

I'm back doing CWC with Tresemme for coloured hair and my hair likes it.

I can deal with the stunt in growth (i think....maybe....ok not really) but its the condition thats bugging me.

The layers are more damaged than the rest and because of the length they still flick out but look so dry and horrible.

From what i can see, the underneath has no split ends...i cannot see the layers as they are just to the nape of the neck.

With all this when i air dry or blowdry there seems to be shorter bids graduating down the whole length from root to tip that flick up a tiny bit. Is this new growth? It makes my hair look a mess!

I cant use oils as it adds to the grease. I have aloe vera gel that makes no real difference. Deep condish is ok but not really making a difference. I was wondering what effects hard water has on the hair?

I only use flat irons once per week as i have to and i dont really blowdry but its getting too cold to sleep with wet hair!

My hair is an inch past collar bone - you can see in my icon.

I just want it to look good while it grows through this horrible stage!