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September 26th, 2010, 11:44 PM
I have posted here before about my frustration with how tangled and matted my hair gets when I wash it. People have been great with suggestions, and I also found some useful posts in the archive (where I got the crucial idea of the banana clip!). Tangling was a real issue for me growing long hair, because the tangles and dreads were savage and caused damage. So I wanted to let my fellow tangle-hairs know what I did, which worked.

First, I have to wash my hair with my head upside down. Because my canopy tends to get so matted and tangled when wet, it is hard to work the shampoo/conditioner down into the underneath layers. If I wash my hair standing upright, I tend to get a clean top layer and the underneath stays greasy.

Equipment involved: wide tooth comb (or you could just finger comb), banana clip and cheap shower cap, and whatever you wash with.

With dry hair, comb out tangles. Turn head upside down, and comb out tangles AGAIN. Wet hair under shower (with head upside down). While wetting your hair, gently finger comb the length to keep it from tangling. Once damp enough, clip length up with the banana clip and stand upright. I did the next stage over the washbasin.

I use sorbolene to wash (which is like very thick conditioner). So, I then tipped my head over again, removed the banana clip, and worked the sorbolene into the underside of my hair thoroughly, using lots. Finger comb it gently down the length. Then banana clip again, stand upright, and gently work product into the hairline. Put on showercap, and get into shower.

When you're ready to rinse, take off the cap, tip your head over again, and take the banana clip out. Sorbolene is like conditioner, in that it works best if you quickly wet your hair again, then massage so it foams, then rinse thoroughly. While rinsing, I finger combed the length gently as much as possible. If you need to rinse out the hair around your face separately, banana clip the length again and rinse while standing upright.

Get out of shower, dry as usual. I sprayed in detangler, but my hair was so much less tangly then usual that I could have done without it (almost). I might try this standing upright, but I was so happy with the result that I had to share! :cheese:I am sure that you could adapt this if you use shampoo.

September 27th, 2010, 01:11 AM
Glad you found something that works:) My hair would be a mess if I washed mine upside down.

September 27th, 2010, 05:51 PM
Well, mine was a mess when I washed it upside down, but I have to, to get that understorey clean! But using the banana clip to stop the hair 'falling' really does the trick...