View Full Version : Using Monistat (MN) to reduce Scalp Pain & burning

Rose Angel
September 19th, 2010, 03:42 AM
Hello everyone,

I'm new here. Even though I've been lurking on this forum for months, I finally decided to sign up after I got some really good results from daktarin (thats the only mn available in here, where I live).

Okay around in August I noticed really bad shedding. I woke up one morning and my pillow had hair all over and my scalp was aching sooo much, I couldn't touch my own hair roots. I had slight burning too. I hadn't changed any hair products.. I've been using dove shampoo and l'oreal conditioner for months already. My scalp had oodles of sticky oily dandruff and my shed-hair had some dandruff on it's root too. But mostly, I was just shedding really good quality hair.

I showed my scalp to loads of docs and they all said it's just dandruff, or could be diet change (not really) or sebhorreic dermatitis at the most. But NOTHING SEVERE enough to cause me crazy scalp and headaches and shedding.

SOooo... I looked up online and all they said was something about chemical P(?) and blamed the patient themselves for worrying too much about shedding hair. I mean come on, my scalp ache wasn't emotional or imaginary problem, I know that! :confused:

Anyway, I was ready to fight whatever it was. :luke: I had an inkling that it must be some sort of fungal infection since dandruff itself is a symptom of some fungal problem. I bought Daktarin (2%) that in here comes in 10mg tubes (reallly tiny tubes, ugh lol). I hadn't washed my oily scalp in 3 days because of the pain, so I diluted around 1.5 - 2 mg of mn in 10 ml of cold water AND also put in some Baycuten (contains Clotrimazole and Dexamethazone) because my dad asked me to. He said maybe it's bacterial problem in my hair follicles and I should put Baycuten only. But the shedding had thinned my hair sooo badly, I WANTED any gorwth I could get.

So recap;
1.5 - 2 mg MN
0.5-1 mg Baycuten
Cold water

I used my finger tips to cover my scalp. Even though I don't have crazy thick hair, it was still a challenge to put some on the back of my head. I asked my sister to help. Btw, she pulls my hair a lot, and I already had a very sensitive scalp.

I put it on for a whole day (24 hours) and washed my scalp next day with Poly tar. Now, lemme tell you, By next day, my scalp was in ease!!! NO PAIN AT ALL. No itchiness, either. No pain, I could part my hair, I could touch my scalp and I could pull my hair into a ponytail WITH OUT PAIN. I know I sound a bit crazy, but the pain was baddd :demon:

Anyway, I used Polytar shampoo for the first time ever. Eww. I almost fainted cuz of it's ... smell :brains: Seriously, wth moment. Anyway, after shower, I started getting a bit dizzy. I knew it wasn't monistat, it was Polytar, because when put polytar on my scalp it burned. Even though it cleaned my scalp soooo well, I think I'm allergic to Polytar.

So for the next whole week, no dandruff, NO SHEDDING, no pain, no itchiness, no burning and NO OILINESS. My scalp was as clean as my baby cousins hehe. And I didnt need to wash my hair yayyyy! For a whole week. My hair was bouncy and healthy looking too :)

Next week, I put on monistat for a few hours (5 hours I think...) because I had to go somewhere urgently. I washed it off with my dove shampoo, conditioned my ends... and Viola. No crazy shedding again. And nooo headache or dizzyness.

End of my story :)