View Full Version : no conditioner and hair feels much better? odd?!

September 7th, 2010, 02:52 AM
today I experimented.... with no conditioner after shampooing and my hair is less frizzy and feels like it is falling into place properly not sticking out as much (I have kinky hair that I air dry). Normally my fine hair feels a bit fuzzy looking if I air dry it and kinks out. The shampoo I am currently using has cones in it when I look at the ingredients so I wondered if this is whay I have not required a conditioner? anyone had this experience?

September 7th, 2010, 03:32 AM
I do! :D
Since I started using Big by lush, conditioners have been unnecessary and frankly just weighting my hair down. A leave-in conditioner was enough when the hair had dried. :)

I do not think it's due to the cones in your shampoo, as cones in shampoo doesn't tend to stick on the hair (it's washed away by the shampoo). The cones purpose is to make the shampoo more slippery and easily rinsed.

September 7th, 2010, 06:21 AM
Mine has always felt better without conditioner because it's naturally slippery. Conditioner normally weighs it down.

The times I need conditioner are in the winter. Central heating causes too much static.

September 7th, 2010, 06:43 AM
I think there's such a thing as over-conditioning. Sometimes after trying too many conditioners and deep treatments, my hair gets too soft.