View Full Version : How to care for ends when washing rarely or using dry shampoo?

August 12th, 2010, 08:33 AM
Here's a question for those who wash their hair only rarely (or never!) and/or those who use dry shampoo more than getting their hair wet:

How do you care for your ends?

My situation is as follows: I used to be an every-other-day-shampoo girl with greasy hair by the evening of day 2. Since January however, I have been experimenting with dry shampoo (Hauschka silk powder, Lush body powder, cocoa powder). I now find that I can easily enjoy my hair this way without washing it more than once a week and find myself currently near the end of a second week without washing with no ill effect. Scalp feels great, hair has body, updos work brilliantly.

But: I am not sure if this is all good for my ends. My hair is just bra strap length with a few splits and I am unsure how to best protect my ends. I have been trying coney serum, Fox shea butter cream, just getting the ends a bit moistened with something like Kimberly's defrizz spray. None of these have created a hugely different feel or look for my ends, so I don't know which is my best best or whether I should be concerned about my ends at all.

Fact is, they do seem more dry several days after a wash than sooner after washing. But I don't know if this a problem and how much different types of products would make this better or worse, or whether I should wet/moisten my length in other ways in between. I also don't know when to worry about product build up.

Any tips or ideas? I'd especially like to hear from those of you who have gone or are still going through extended stretches of time where they don't wet their length.

Many thanks,


August 12th, 2010, 10:00 AM
I'd love to hear what people have to say about this, too. I've just transitioned from washing every day to washing every second or third day, and with dry shampoo the hair near my scalp looks awesome and behaves nicely(!) for the first time ever, but by the second day my ends always look parched and frizzy. So frustrating!

August 12th, 2010, 11:49 AM
Well, I'm hardly an expert, but I do rarely wash my hair. I have always preferred my hair to be a little on the greasy side. I think it makes it look shiny plus I hate getting wet.

But the point is the ends. I brush each night with a boar bristle brush, assuming that moves oils down from my scalp to my ends.

I was oiling each night also, but I haven't for the last couple of weeks because my whole length seems just fine.

I'm going to sound so disgusting for saying this, but I'm going on a month without washing my hair. I find I'm more happy to take showers if I don't have to worry about washing my hair, so overall it's making me cleaner!

When I was washing once a week, I would oil my ends every night with a hair oil from the Indian grocery store (a blend with mainly coconut oil) and then brush.

August 12th, 2010, 11:59 AM
Never shampoo my hair, but condish in shower, leave in and oiling. However, I have lots of curls that demand that.