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June 29th, 2010, 02:47 AM
OK, something weird is going on here!

I am one of those people with 'mixed' hair types - baby fine and almost straight at the crown, medium thickness and wavier underneath. Since joining LHC I have been giving my M, wavier hair even more moisture than before, but my nape hairs just won't grow.

Since my massive postpartum shed (I lost about half my hair, more in the length) and growback I've been braiding extensions into these short-n-curly nape hairs to disguise how fluffy and wiry they are and to stop them from sticking out. And they finally seem to be growing, for the first time since I hit puberty, and yesterday I noticed...

RINGLETS! I had put extra leave-in in them because I had my hair up and was trying for a 'romantic wispy' look (I get more of a ratty look normally) and when I got home I noticed tight almost kinky RINGLETS that are still there this morning!

This does not seem to make sense for someone who has barely-wavy hair, and has never had ringlets before. I do have spiral waves, even on my finer-textured hair, but most people here seem to think I should classify myself as 1c.

My question is if any of you have had this happen, and if you were indeed able to get these hairs to grow. They seem fairly robust (in comparison with my crown hair especially) and I have been oiling and using leave-in on them pretty consistently. The problem is when I have my hair down that this 'fluffiness' at the nape often makes the rest of my hair lie funny.

has anyone ever experienced this before? I find it very very odd indeed! :silly:

June 29th, 2010, 03:15 AM
ok im really sorry that this is off topic, but does the 'silly' emoticon remind anyone else of sideshow bob? Soryy again.


Gothic Lolita
June 29th, 2010, 03:22 AM
Katze, I haven't experienced this myself but I know a woman who lost all her hair during a cancer treatment. She had 1b hair before, fairly thick, but when her first hair grew back, she had very kinky curls. Like you describe your own regrowth. I'm not sure why this happens or if your hair may get curlier all over, but I'm glad that you finally see a good result at your nape!
This woman was able to grew her hair back, but the texture changed again over a while, but I'm not sure what exactly her hair type is. I think you should be able to grow yours as well but maybe they'll change their texture too. I think that their thickness however is a good sign that you will acutally have full regrwoth at your nape.