View Full Version : Jezebel Post and possible mention of this forum

June 22nd, 2010, 11:33 PM

I was reading a post on Jezebel on searching for the cultural origins of the post-breakup haircut (something that has been discussed here time and again), and I came across a comment by a "bowleserised" who said that
"I'm a member of a site for people who are growing their hair v. long (usually waistlength and beyond), and I've been there for five years or so now.
The number of times I've seen a stressed or depressed woman suddenly lop off the hair she's been so desperate to grow... They decide that their hair looks awful, or it's not in good shape, and off it goes. It's like the lowest form of self harm.

I think a lot of postbreak -up hair changes are liberating and a great eff-you, but it was interesting that even in a community where people *wanted* long hair, it was still the first thing they went for when they were upset."

If you're here on this site, just wanted to say hi! And a pretty insightful comment.