View Full Version : Hair type changes

June 21st, 2010, 02:20 PM
Is it possible for example if you change the way you care for your hair to change the hair type? Like my problem is like this. I think my hair type is oily/greasy and for a while i kept using the type of shampoo specific for this type of hair, and i started washing my hair much more often once at about 2-3 days, and had a few times when i would leave it a full week without washing, just to get the natural scalp oils up to the ends to fix a bit the damage that may be up there. But now, even a week isn`t quite enough to get my hair that greasy as it once was, back in the days when my hair wasn`t as long as it is now, it got nasty and so greasy fast, but now, it dose not. It stays pretty dry all the time, even with conditioner, a good part of the length is pitch dry. Should i try a bit more conditioner or are there some good oils that i should try. Also i have wavy hair and get`s to curly on the back ends. Those stay this way no matter how much conditioner i put on them, it ain`t bad, but should i try trimming them just a tiny bit just to let the overall length show more nicely ? plus the ends are pretty split and frizzy signs of damage. I don`t want to take any inch of it, but i want it healthy and i want it to grow faster, i`m afraid to cut it because it grows awfully slow, and i know that cutting the ends isn`t gonna make things faster. What should i do?