View Full Version : feel the need for a change or not???

June 17th, 2010, 08:52 PM
ok hair is getting longer and I'm getting bored:( with the look or maybe just my look in general:confused: I am seriously thinking of dying my hair henna seems like its awfully mess so chemical dye would have to be the go, please give me some advice I'm struggling as haven't dyed my hair in many many years is there another solution that I'm not seeing??

June 17th, 2010, 08:56 PM
I'm confused, another solution for what? If you don't want to use henna or chemical dye, you can use herb and tea rinses to enhance or subtly change your current hair color...?

June 17th, 2010, 09:01 PM
I would suggest a deposit-only color to start with so there is no damage and you are not "stuck" with the color if you decide it's not for you. If you love it you can go to a Demi-color and it will last longer, but it is still more gentle than a permanent color.
When I get bored I tend to get some thin highlights foiled in and I always love it, and it doesn't affect my entire head. It just depends what look you are going for :)

June 17th, 2010, 09:48 PM
If you're just looking for a change, you might try experimenting with different updos and styles, and different hair toys. You can look through the archives here for updo and style directions, and YouTube has a lot of hair style videos that give direction, if you learn better from a video than from written directions.

You can also try parting your hair differently - center, or the opposite side, and that can change your look a lot.

For a splash of color, braiding ribbons in your hair, or using ribbons to fasten updos (taping) can work.

June 18th, 2010, 02:34 AM
Hmm. My only advice is this: Ask yourself why you are bored. Are you actually, legitimately bored with your look, or are you under stress that makes you want to make some sort of physical change? I have had my hair five different colors in the past 2 terms of school, and I used to re-dye my hair every time I broke up with someone or had some sort of change in my life. It isn't always the smartest thing to do, because it is so damaging.

However, I have evened out some in my hair damage, and I love the color I currently have it. My natural color is rather ugly, and I would rather love my hair color and have a bit of damage than have perfectly healthy hair in a color I hate.

My advice to you is to do whatever makes you happy, because ultimately, it only matters what you think. You are the person who gets to wear your hair.