View Full Version : Help choosing an achievable color using Goldwell at my local beauty school

May 29th, 2010, 05:27 PM
I would appreciate any advice on my color debate.
1.) would highlights of this color be flattering to my base color and to my skin color.
2.) Would this be achievable using Elumen.
3.) Would this look natural enough to allow it to grow out (ie not horrid looking) if I wore my hair in a lazy wrap bun or hedi braids all the time
4.) Any link to a pic that might be a better shade for me please share:)

I have tried Lush Cacca Rouge (It did not linger long and is too messy) and I received the most compliments of my adult life. So I have decided to go red.

I would like to find a warm natural looking red. My hair is hair colored hair/tawny with red undertones. Pics are in my album.



I also dearly love UltraBella's hair color.

I don't want orange or too dark auburn because that would probably wash me out.

My previous experiences have been with Aveda Golden blonde highlights in 2006 and reddish brown highlights in 2008.

The appointment is in 2 weeks at my local beauty school for highlights-foil method. They use Goldwell Elumen (non oxidative) colors. I know that this product line cannot lift to a lighter color from haunting Rini's adventures and reading beauty blogs.

I am nearing waist and a salon would charge almost $200 if I went in my town.

If it is a disaster I have a hair cut picked out. I can wear a wig and a scrub cap at work. And many hair toys will go on the swap board.:)

Thanks so much for any advice.

Shermie Girl
May 29th, 2010, 06:26 PM
I would imagine that to get your hair that soft, goldie/copper red your colourist will have to lighten your hair a bit, then tone it out to the desired shade. Done carefully and if you only lighten your roots when you go in for touch ups, I can't see why you can't successfully have that lovely shade and long, healthy looking hair.

Remember, any chemical red, even a gold/copper like that will fade like the dickens. And fast. Be prepared to pamper the living daylights out of your hair and to have frequent toning done all over.

One thing that can help to protect your tresses during colouring is coconut oil. There is a thread in the henna/herb forum about it. Just coat your hair roots to tips with plenty of coconut oil at least an hour before your service. Don't wash it out. The coconut oil will help to protect your hair and won't inhibit dye uptake or lightening. (I know this from running strand tests both treated and untreated with coconut oil. The treated test strands were softer, smoother, "healthier" and stronger than the untreated test strand. Lightening and dye uptake were identical in both. :D)

I hope a pro or pro in training can drop in to give better advice. :D

May 29th, 2010, 08:14 PM
ShermieGirl, Thank you so much for your advice, I am off to read the the thread you mentioned. I had not thought of that thread!

May 30th, 2010, 03:07 AM
Wow, thanks for mentioning me :) Were you referring to my coppery red shade ? My hair is back to a more natural dark blonde now. However, I LOVE LOVE that color and may go back.
That color is from the Matrix Colorsync line, it is a Demi deposit only color, no ammonia and no peroxide. That being said, it did not fade on me. I did not have maintenance except for my roots. I know Demi is supposed to slowly wash out and red is notorious for fading, but not this color line on my hair.
I used 7RB and 7RC in equal amounts.

June 2nd, 2010, 10:53 AM
Thank you so much UltraBella! I thought this thread died:)

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous.