View Full Version : Had a trim and a dye job and good news!

May 29th, 2010, 10:40 AM
So i dyed my hair last night with medium ash brown. I love the results! I thought my hair would be very damaged after and i thought it was....

So i went for a trim today. I had about 1cm off but it feels longer :D Once my layers grow back the hairdresser says i'll have lovely thick hair as my layers are so heavy. She convinced me not to cut it short and said my hair wasnt as damaged as i was saying it was at all!

The thing is, when she dried my hair it went almost perfectly straight and not frizzy at all, but when i do it it looks so frizzy and damaged! She didnt use anything different to what i already have.

I looked everywhere for cocout oil yesterday but i couldnt find it anywhere in my supermarkets (i went to 3). Am i looking for the wrong thing altogether?!

So im happy with my colour and have booked in for a microtrim in 9 weeks :D

May 29th, 2010, 10:43 AM
Glad you like it !
I get my coconut oil at our local health food store.

May 29th, 2010, 11:14 AM
Awesome! Back when I used to dye, my hair was never that damaged either, if I just did roots and didn't go over the length again and again. Yep, health food store should have coconut oil. Sometimes I just grab a can of coconut milk at the grocery store and use the thick stuff at the sides and top, it has lots of oil in it too.

May 29th, 2010, 11:47 AM
I couldn't find coconut oil in a regular grocery store. I had to go to an organic/health food grocery store. Also, some stores stock coconut oil with cooking oils, not with body/hair oils! So try checking the food oil aisle out if you can't find it in the cosmetic/vitamin area!

May 29th, 2010, 01:19 PM
Once my layers grow back the hairdresser says i'll have lovely thick hair as my layers are so heavy.

I'm pretty sure layers don't add weight to hair...in fact, they take the weight off. That being said, layers might make a hemline look less thick. I know when my hair is layered my hemline tends to take on a v-shape which definitely gives a tapered look. I'm still not sure which I prefer though :)

May 29th, 2010, 03:14 PM
If you can't find a health food store, I found coconut oil in the food/cooking oil section at walmart, maybe some place similar?

June 1st, 2010, 03:05 AM
I'm pretty sure layers don't add weight to hair...in fact, they take the weight off.

Sorry i didnt mean they make the hair 'heavy'. I meant they were cut blunt and thick and appeared heavy.....bad use of terms lol.

I totally forgot to chech for coconut oil at the health store....but i did check the grocery part of the supermarket and still nothing....

June 1st, 2010, 07:39 AM
I also get mine at the health food store. It's among the other cooking oils, only it threw me for a loop the first time, as I was expecting a bottle of a liquid, but it was sold as a jar of a solid grease.

June 1st, 2010, 07:39 AM
I'm so glad that you are happy with your trim and colour. It's great the the hair stylist cut just the right amount off.

Maybe when you get a chance you could give yourself deep moisture treatment, like an SMT. Just make sure that if you use honey, heat in the microwave for at least 15 seconds so that it won't lighten your new colour.

I am another who found my coconut oil in the health food store.

June 1st, 2010, 08:40 AM
SMT? i will have to look that up lol... self made treatment? Just a guess!

June 1st, 2010, 08:44 AM
SMT is snowy's moisture treatment (link here (http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/showthread.php?p=67622)).

I'm glad you like your hair! :)

I get my coconut oil at the Indian market - it's much cheaper.

June 1st, 2010, 08:48 AM
Thanks i just read the article with all the treatments....i'll have to write a list of things i need and pop to the shops! I've always wanted one of those mixing bowls for herbs :D

June 1st, 2010, 09:13 PM
I'm glad everything turned out well for you and that you like your color! I do a deposit only type color on my roots sometimes, and it works out for me because I wear my hair up all of the time now! (o: