View Full Version : To trim or not to trim!

May 12th, 2010, 06:41 AM
My hair is now to my collar bone. I can happily say its the lower part of my collar bone :D. Its the tiniest bit shorter at the back :S

Atm it likes to flick out at the back to sort of go with the shape of my neck - which is so annoying! But its only an inch away (i think) from passing that awkard length its at now!

I have alot of layers. I've been having them for years and when i fry my hair from dying you can really see the damage so i cut them.....they seem to get damaged the quickest. So i wann grow them. Not grow them out, grow them longer.

I'm booked in for a trim on 29th May - 9 weeks after my last trim. Its damaged on the layers so they will need a bit off.

Should i get the trim...i was thinking 1/4 of an inch off (if that) or should i just leave it? Will the layers ever grow out?!

How did you grow out your layers?

The CO washing didnt work for me in the end, so now im applying C to the ends and shampooing it at the same time, then rinsing. Its working well as the C protects the ends.

I also got bored of having my hair up all the time!

Is there a thread for SL hairstyles or anything.....am i at SL?

May 12th, 2010, 10:07 AM
There is a thread somewhere for updos for short hair so you can have some variety. Just do a search. As for layers, I grew mine completely out by simply cutting off my hair over the course of a few months until it reached the shortest layer. I was doing this myself with my own scissors, so the idea of freshening up layers was out of the question for me. I understand what you mean by the layers getting damaged faster. Fact of life, I guess. If you're going to continue frying, sorry, dying your hair, a regular trim on those layers may be necessary. However, you have to space out those trims and keep them small. I would not suggest cutting off more than half your growth. It is possible that they will not grow out if you keep damaging them. They might break off faster than they grow. My mom has "terminal layers" like this from dying. Also, she gets it layered to hide the damage they dye is doing, but it just means it has more time to get damaged with fewer trims if she wants to grow them out. It's a cycle.

May 12th, 2010, 10:36 AM
My stylist helped me get rid of layers by cutting a bit more off the length than she did the layers, something like 1/2 inch off the bottom but only 1/4 inch off the layers and only when needed.

May 12th, 2010, 03:22 PM
You're right; you're in a slightly awkward length, especially with layer. The good news is that in another month or two you'll have grown beyond that awkward length and your hair will sit more nicely.

If I were you, as tempted as I might be, I would leave the layers alone. Just baby your hair, do lots of moisture treatments and try some simple updos like the Peacock Twist, the French Twist and even try to do some French Braiding, even if you just French Braid a half-up. Soon (or maybe even now) you will be able to do another easy style, the Gibson Tuck.

Just experiment with some different styles that will both protect your hair and stop reminding you about this awkward stage.

Then I might suggest that every three months or 4 months you get a half inch trim.

That way, you'll still be seeing growth progress and you'll be slowly trimming away the layers.

Trimming the layers will just make it take so much longer for them to catch up with the rest.

Best of luck to you! :blossom: