View Full Version : top part fine...underneath coarse..anyone else?

May 7th, 2010, 11:58 AM
Ok, so am I the only one with this issue? It seems like the top part like from around my eyebrow line and up is wispy/silky fine and it is prone to breakage, the rest of my hair down from that part is much courser. I usually think my hiar looks best combed straight back with no part and it falls where it wants. My issue usually is with product, I need to leave conditioner in to calm it down and I use some pray gel too...of course when I comb it all back the top layer of hair (from the top of my head) is finer so it gets stringy if I use too much. Anyways so I was looking at threads here and I see one for fine haired people and one for course haired people, and I wondered if anyone else had my problem.