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April 17th, 2010, 02:54 PM
Does anyone know how Lt. "TJ" Johansen on Stargate:Universe makes her hairstyle? Her hair is actually fairly long, I just saw on the lastest episode that her hair down is actually mid-back.

Here's a link to a slideshow of her so you can see her typical updo. It is really cool, but I haven't the faintest idea how to do it!


April 17th, 2010, 03:05 PM
I couldn't see the back very well... To do that on me, I would twist the front of my hair in strips at the front of my head, secure with clear elastics, and make a messy cinnamon bun at the back, with pins. She looks lovely in it, I'll have to play with that idea!

April 17th, 2010, 03:13 PM
I've been wondering about her hair. I thought maybe she had short hair that was put up in twists in front but it has been hard to make out the back(what kind of updo)
Last's night ep her hair was down and it does look long(BSL).
I'd like to know, too!

April 17th, 2010, 03:30 PM
Ivy Rose, please let me know if you can replicate it! :cheer:

Babyfine, me too! I thought her hair was short also and she was just twisting it. But when I saw her hair down today on the new episode, I was befuddled what she did with all that length!! It's so cool, I'd love to try it!

April 17th, 2010, 04:31 PM
The only step I could figure out was the twists in front. I like how they aren't too tight, it looks really interesting like that. Could anyone see how far back the twists went?

April 17th, 2010, 04:48 PM
In the slideshow, about the tenth and eleventh slides I think (they say "SP:Time") you can get a better shot of how far back the twists go, it looks like about halfway back on her head they are tied off with little clips. But I don't understand what she is doing with all the length after that?

April 17th, 2010, 05:00 PM
I can't really see the back that well, but to me it looks like a variation of one of the styles I wear in summer that lays really, really flat against my head despite my waist long hair and allows me to wear hats without problems. To me it looks like a folded over cinnabun, sort of French Twist meats lazy wrap.

- Try twisting the crown of your head, gathering the twists in a high ponytail but without securing it with elastics.
- Make a very loose lazy wrap, with the ends loose.
- Fold it downwards.
- Slide the bun a bit lower, until you can fold it underneath your top hair. This will make the length disappear magically. Make sure the ends are still loose while you secure the hidden bun with pins.
- Now, take the loose ends, pull them up over the style, secure them and you should have something similar to T.J's style. Long hair posing as short and flat.

You could also try twisting the crown, then gathering the hair over your arm and simply fold it until it lays flat against your head, the ends tucked in underneath. She seems to wear it like that in some of the pictures. She is not wearing the same style in all of the shots.

In this, for example, she is wearing her hair folded: http://stargate.mgm.com/assets//Still/1255736055/11131/large-FullSize-sgu0105-0585xe.jpg

In this, she is wearing it in a bun: http://stargate.mgm.com/assets//Still/1256938913/11381/large-FullSize-sgu0106-0415xb.jpg

While in this, the ends are loose: http://stargate.mgm.com/assets//Still/1258054231/11528/large-FullSize-sgu0109-0091xe.jpg

April 17th, 2010, 05:27 PM
That is cool isn't it? It looks to me like a teased and hairsprayed twisted cornrow thing with the back pulled out and teased into a loose bun.

April 17th, 2010, 09:16 PM
At first I thought she was growing her hair out and that this was a super cool way to do it!

But then, I saw last night's show and was really surprised at how long it is!

I have no idea how she is securing the twisted bits. . .I do something similar but I use little claw clamps. I've the idea that she sometimes finger curls up lots of sections in the back and just pins in place.

But it's very interestinig to note (from the photos) that she actually wears several bun variations too!

Anyway, I think she is just beatiful and I love the hairstyles.

April 18th, 2010, 03:26 PM
I tried it!! Today is wash day, so my hair didn't really want to do anything (so I'll have to try this again tomorrow!), but here's what I did.

I separated the front of my head into six strips, and just twisted them to the middle of my head, and secured with clear elastics.
Note: I'm sure that these are actually braided, rather than twisted, but I wanted to see how twists turned out... and I've never braided like that!

I clipped the six strips together away from the rest of the hair, and twisted the remaining hair (didn't get twisted, mostly the bottom & back of my head) in a loose cinnabun. You can see I made it pretty low, TJ would do hers much higher!

I took the strips out of my clip and twisted each strip individually around the cinnabun I already made.

About two inches before the end of each strip, pin the strip down on the bun, so there's a piece of hair hanging out.

And that's all I did, I have pictures! I really will try it again tomorrow, I wonder how close I came :)


Hope that gave you some ideas, mellie!

April 18th, 2010, 03:39 PM
Ivy~Rose, that looks really pretty!

Thanks everyone for the ideas!

I re-watched the episode again today to try to figure it out. I wonder if it could also be some kind of round banana clip? (like this?):


That would tuck her ends under, but still kind of clasp it back halfway back on her head to hold those twists?

April 25th, 2010, 01:45 PM
Just came across this interview with the actress, and her hair is shorter in the interview than it was in the "Faith" episode...so now I wonder, is her hair normally short, and the long hair was just extensions/wig? If so, then it would be much easier to recreate her cool hairstyle with a shorter cut.


February 15th, 2011, 07:16 AM
OK, so I was just re-watching this show, and noticed that Gloria Rush's bun is very interesting too. I haven't any idea how to do it! Any ideas? Here's a slideshow of pics of her:


February 15th, 2011, 07:30 AM
I've always loved TJ's hair!

But I think you're right about it being shorter and them adding in extensions or a wig for the long shots... check out her hair here (granted this was '09 when they started the show) http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3827140608/nm0435509 (and if I linked that incorrectly - I'm sorry - someone let me know!)

But I love how you've done it IvyRose! Seems like it's a style that would be doable with almost any length with a little work?