View Full Version : Does anyone else NOT measure their hair?

April 12th, 2010, 02:39 PM
I quit a few months ago, because my tape measure LIES! Big time LOL.

I was just wondering if I am the only one. Or if there is a "no measure " thread and I missed it and if you don't measure how do you tell growth ?
I wear a striped shirt on picture day and just count the stripes lol ;)

what are your methods?

April 12th, 2010, 02:43 PM
I dont measure either because i felt like i couldnt do it right.

April 12th, 2010, 02:44 PM
I used to use the waist band of my jeans as a measuring device. But, I'm afraid LHC has me, occasionally, measuring my hair with a tape measure. :o

April 12th, 2010, 02:48 PM
I manage to get a different reading every time. And unfortunately, my tape measure has a metal doo-hicky on the end that yanks out a hair or two every time, too. I haven't even been able to get the striped shirt to give an accurate reading, either. :confused: I've just been looking sideways in the mirror and seeing if my hair has gotten any closer to my waist, yet.

Liave Ekeli
April 12th, 2010, 02:49 PM
I don't measure regularly, at least (I think I've measured maybe twice since I joined), probably because I don't have a specific goal length that I'm trying to get to in a set amount of time. I'm here largely to learn tips and tricks to take good care of my hair and hang out with like-minded people who care about their hair as much as, or more, than I do.

April 12th, 2010, 03:05 PM
I'm a hopless nonmeasurer :p
I measured my hair once in my lifetime :scared: when I joined LHC !
Perhaps it's time to measure again, but I don't quite feel the urge. I get oriented with the help of photos, "special" clothes, and my body: Is-it-covering-boobs-yet?? although I'm afraid that with age this paricular goal may be more and more difficult to achieve :oops: :wink:

April 12th, 2010, 03:06 PM
I dont :D :rolleyes:

April 12th, 2010, 03:10 PM
I've never measured... I just kind of look in the mirror sideways every few months or so when I think about it to see if it has reached a new landmark, ie. waist, tailbone, etc..

April 12th, 2010, 03:11 PM
I measure. I'm completely obsessed, actually. But I'm doing lots of stuff to try to grow my hair, so I want to know if it's working. My poor DBF does it for me and I stand there going, "Are you sure? Are you SURE???"

I probably need an intervention.:o

April 12th, 2010, 03:11 PM
I only measure once in awhile, when I suddenly notice my hair seems to have gained a lot of length. When I first joined LHC I was rather obsessive over the measuring though, lol. Now I am more focused on improving the overality health and quality of my hair, rather than how much length I may have gained in the past month. Besides, I am trimming every month to slowly remove the damaged hair I had from years of bleach, blonde dye, blow drying, hot rollers, and flat ironing.

I wish I had come here a lot sooner, my hair looks better now than it ever had in the past, with all the advice from so-called professionals on products and styling tools.

April 12th, 2010, 03:18 PM
I used to measure all the time when I first joined LHC. Like.. every day. Lol. Now I measure once a month, but I take the number with a grain of salt and tend to believe pictures more easily.

April 12th, 2010, 03:20 PM
I don't measure.
I have generalizations (apl, bra strap, etc..) but that's about it.
I can't keep measuring because of that whole "watched pot never boils" thing.
It doesn't make it grow any faster by measuring it and if anything it makes it seem like it takes longer if I do keep noting the measurements.
It will grow when it grows. (although it's not as fast as I would like)
My milestones are things like "my hair keeps getting caught in my lipstick", then "my hair keeps getting caught in my purse straps" then "my hair keeps getting caught in my arm pit", etc....

April 12th, 2010, 03:23 PM
I stopped measuring when i saw no growth in 2 months :D (and i could feel the new growth, no stall going on i swear!!)

Actually, it's not about how many inches of hair i have, it's totally about how long it looks. In other words, reaching APL is more important than 2 inches of growth on the tape :D

April 12th, 2010, 03:31 PM
I don't measure. I tried it once but I don't think the measurements are accurate.
I just look at visual progress.

April 12th, 2010, 03:33 PM
I don't bother.

I don't care how many inches of hair I have. I care how long it is as measured by where it falls on my body.

Heaps less complicated. My hips are always in the same place.

April 12th, 2010, 03:36 PM
I used to measure all the time when I first joined LHC. Like.. every day. Lol. Now I measure once a month, but I take the number with a grain of salt and tend to believe pictures more easily.

Me too. Although, not even once a month now. Because no matter what the tape says, and how I compare it to how I SHOULD feel about my hair now that it measures "X" amount, it doesn't make my hair feel longer, and I'm no more satisfied with it than if I just go by "landmarks."

April 12th, 2010, 03:49 PM
I don't bother. I just look in the mirror and say, Oh, its grown some since the last time I looked.

April 12th, 2010, 03:56 PM
I don't. For the same reason I don't gamble: I know once I start doing it, I will be completely obsessed.

April 12th, 2010, 03:57 PM
I don't measure anymore, I just use milestones like APL, waist, etc.

April 12th, 2010, 04:00 PM
I tried it a few times and got crazy wonky measurements every time, so I decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I go by visual landmarks now, as it's much easier to deal with for me.

April 12th, 2010, 04:01 PM
I measure every few months and repost my length in inches, usually when its starting to look/feel longer than it did before. Mainly because its nice to have a standard to compare with for "how long will my hair need to be for x updo" kinda questions. Buns I can do at waist are probably not the same ones that a shorter person could do at waist for example :)

April 12th, 2010, 04:17 PM
When I first joined LHC I measured every month. Then I quit, it wasn't worth while for me. My hair grows slowly, and I think now I have reached terminal length. It's not changed for a couple of years. If anything it's a bit shorter - thyroid, lovely lovely thyroid.

April 12th, 2010, 04:17 PM
I don't measure my hair. Maybe because it's not that long yet, just down to my shoulders. I guess I might measure it when it's longer, but probably not. I'm not that much of a precise person! Hubby is always pertubed with me because he's just a little bit anal and is always doing things like measuring furniture to make sure it will fit where he wants to move it or doing the math in his head to figure out how many bricks we need to build a raised bed in the garden. I just kind of look at something and say "I think it will fit" or "this looks like enough" or "about that much of this and a little of that should do it." Drives my hubby crazy! I'm only precise when I have to be, like measuring for an art project or counting the right number of stiches when I'm knitting.

April 12th, 2010, 04:26 PM
I occasionally use a tapemeasure or ruler. Just to get an estimate but mostly I measure by eyeballing it or pictures.

April 12th, 2010, 04:28 PM
I do, but not regularly. I see you have curly hair-- I measure it when it's wet, brushed, and I pull the ends as straight as possible.

April 12th, 2010, 04:28 PM
I've only ever measured my hair length once... ever in my whole life.

Tap Dancer
April 12th, 2010, 04:44 PM
I used to years ago, but not anymore. I'm lazy and I figure "who cares?" :p

April 12th, 2010, 04:48 PM
When I joined LHC, I measured every month or two. I became frustrated with the way my hair seemed to shrink between some measurements. So then I'd cinch a belt around my waist and look for growth that way; I couldn't WAIT to get to waist length. Once my ends passed the belt, I didn't care any more. Now I get pictures every 3 months. I keep cutting off my ends when they get split and grabby, and my hair length hasn't moved in about 2 years. Meh.

April 12th, 2010, 04:54 PM
Thanks for the replies all, Im so glad to see that I am not alone.

I was going to add as well, the only way I can really tell with my curls is when it is soaking wet, perhaps that is why the tape lies.

The landmark thing sounds like it should work well. .. Going to try that as well as the striped shirt :)

Im so glad its not only me that never measures :D

April 12th, 2010, 04:54 PM
I don't often measure any more because I usually forget before I put my hair up =/

April 12th, 2010, 04:55 PM
I only measured with tape on the day I joined.

Usually I just go by how much hair I touch when scratching my lower back.

April 12th, 2010, 05:02 PM
I did when I first joined, because I didn't realize that it was optional :)

I've since stopped. It's impossible to measure accurately, and it tends to encourage an obsession with growth.

April 12th, 2010, 05:08 PM
I don't measure. I never have. I know it grows, because I see my roots growing out after I colored/hennaed :) not more, not less than 1cm a month.

April 12th, 2010, 05:27 PM
I never measured when my hair was longer, I just could never get it in the same spot always, I just take a lot of photos and compare those every 2 months to see the progress.

April 12th, 2010, 06:17 PM
I only measured once, when I joined LHC. Then I realized that it gets the point across more by using general landmarks (APL, BSL... etc) than by inches. I also didn't like how you measure from your forehead over the top of your head then down the back of your head to get a measurement. It seems like cheating. Think about it, if your hair is all one length then a strand of hair from your forehead that goes over the top of your head and down your back is going to be shorter than the rest of your hair. Yet the tape measure makes it seem as if that forehead hair reaches your hemline. It's misleading. If I measured at all, I would measure from the top of the back of my head.

I do like to keep track of my growth, but I use the bumps in my spine to do so.

April 12th, 2010, 06:26 PM
I only measure about twice a year. I may stop all together as it's passed my knees. That's long and I already know that.

April 12th, 2010, 07:12 PM
I don't. It would be too discouraging. My goal without the layers is measured in years.

April 12th, 2010, 07:20 PM
I honestly measure randomly once per year. I can generally judge how many inches to go for the next landmark by eyeballing it anyway. Its all good. =)

April 12th, 2010, 08:13 PM
I've stopped measuring because I was getting discouraged and and obsessed over the apparent lack of growth. Now I have certain landmarks like body parts and I don't worry about inches. My hair is still growing much slower than I would like - it would probably help if I stopped trimming every time I see damage.

April 12th, 2010, 08:23 PM
I have never measured my hair because I don't give a damn about the numbers.

People don't walk around going "Oh! What gorgeous 32" long hair she has!!"

I use visual markers, APL, BSL, Waist, Hip, etc. That's all that matters to me.

April 12th, 2010, 08:57 PM
I never measured my hair before I got here, and only knew one other person in real life who did. I though she was strange for doing it too :lol: I measured for the few months I've been here, but I should stop as it drives me crazy.

April 13th, 2010, 12:12 AM
I've measured all of, I do believe, 3 times. I don't know why I even have a number for my goal length as it is hard to estimate exactly what length will be stretched at certain landmarks curly. My goal is pretty sketchy anyway.

I probably will measure again when my hair seems longer. I do like seeing the number go up, but I am not about to start obsessing over it.

April 13th, 2010, 01:02 AM
I never actually bothered measuring until online forums. Normally, I just gauge by body markers (neck, shoulder, bra, waist, hip etc)

April 13th, 2010, 01:10 AM
I don┤t measure often.
Sometimes I have done that if others have asked my length and sometimes to check, how much it grows per month or so.

April 13th, 2010, 02:10 AM
I've never measured. I'm a visual person so I don't get comforted by a number, I have to *see* it myself to appreciate the growth. That and my hair is curly and layered so it would be next to impossible to get an accurate reading. My goal is hip length in my natural curly texture, so it would also be impossible to have a numerical measurement goal as I don't know how long my hair would have to be, taking into consideration stretch/curl factor, to reach hip.

April 13th, 2010, 02:49 AM
I have like 50% shrinkage unless I braid set it. I've been stretching the days longer between my cowashes just to enjoy the little length I have so far. lol!

April 13th, 2010, 04:14 AM
i just cant get the same measurement twice in a row so Ive given up :)

I've been trying to measure with a tape when I reach a landmark but think I will just give that up too as its easier to just go by where it falls.

April 13th, 2010, 06:57 AM
I measured once when I first joined, but knew I'd drive myself crazy with it since my hair is curly so I haven't bothered since.

April 13th, 2010, 07:04 AM
I don't measure. I have really slow growth, and all the growth dissapears in the curly wilderness!

April 13th, 2010, 07:46 AM
I can't keep measuring because of that whole "watched pot never boils" thing.

This. :)
I measured often at first then realized it was a bit disappointing. So now I might measure every so many months or so...just to see if I've met my goals. While I use measurements for my goals, it's actually to be able to say "3 feet of hair!" and "past my butt!" lol. :D

April 13th, 2010, 07:56 AM
I don't. I don't even own a measuring tape.

I use body markers and estimation, easier this way.

I have way too many other things to keep up with anyway.

April 13th, 2010, 08:04 AM
I will admit I didn't measure my hair when I joined up! I just guessed, it was a little harder because I use the metric system! Will measure soon!

April 13th, 2010, 09:00 AM
I don't. I find it too obsessive.

Sometimes I measure on myself when I am curious to figure out how long somebody's hair is. A lot of people on LHC just seem to write measurements, which don't mean much to me, so sometimes I use the tapemeasure to figure out if 44 inches or whatever would be tailbone or classic.

I did measure the space between my hemline and my tailbone, to figure out roughly how long it would take me to reach my first goal, but that's about it.

I find it rather amusing to read posts by obsessed people solemnly informing us that their growth rate is up by 0.02 inches this month, and other interesting statistics of this nature. I also find it amusing how people post "anniversary threads" only months apart, anxiously wanting everyone to confirm that their hair is indeed growing. People reply, saying things like: "yes, that's some awesome growth you've got going on there." I always wonder, are those people just being nice, or are they seeing something I am not? Or are they just fellow obsessed people?

To be perfectly honest, it may be growing or it may not, but from pics just a few months apart, I just can't tell! Why don't they come back in a year with a new pic? :D

To summarise: no, I don't measure my hair, because I think it leads to an unhealthy obsession. I think if I were going to measure my hair I would only do it once a year. That way, there would be a clear difference in length, which I would doubtless find encouraging. :)

April 13th, 2010, 09:04 AM
This thread has uninspired me from measuring!:D

I don't mean that in a bad way. You all have good points. I do want to document growth, but I like the striped shirt method.

Ravenwaves 88
April 13th, 2010, 10:43 AM
I used to obsess but I feel like I'm doing it wrong too. I'm just sticking to the striped shirt and picture evidence.

April 13th, 2010, 10:46 AM
I don't either ... ! :)

Measuring feel like "to much pressure" for me, too obsessive, and i don't want to give so much importance on how fast my hair is growing. I mean, i don't really have a goal ... if i had a goal, i'd probably measure, maybe ... ! I know approximately, but never use a tape ( i know my open hand is around 20 cm, that's enough) !
I'd say i'd aim for BSL but i'd stop when i feel ok. I know there is a point where my curls loosen too much due to the weight of long hair, and i would stop there.

I just know i started with less than a inch (i used clippers myself), and now my bang is at my chin. So i know it's about 1/2 inch per month. Though, i'm not really happy about that ... last time i have grown my hair, it was more 1 inch per month !! :( I don't understand why ... i was in high school, eating bad, smoking and drinking a bit ... talk about an healthy way of life !! Hair is a weird thing sometimes !!

April 13th, 2010, 10:59 AM
I want to quit. I need an intervention, too.

I never even heard of measuring your hair before LHC. I did it once when I joined, and not again until I decided to see what my average growth rate is by measuring once a month for a year. It hasn't been a year yet.

But then I became obsessed when I showed no growth one month. I measure to see if it is growing, because it sure looks like it has stalled out. If that is true, then I need to change my routine to promote growth/reduce breakage. So I use it as a tool, but agree it can become an obsessive/unhealthy thing. So I am back to measuring once a month. But seriously, after my year of measuring, I am quitting! 6 more months...

April 13th, 2010, 12:14 PM
I don't measure because I have to get DBF to do it if it's to be at all accurate, and even then with wavy hair, it could all just depend on the day or the previous updo it's been in.:shrug:

April 13th, 2010, 12:25 PM
I manage to get a different reading every time. And unfortunately, my tape measure has a metal doo-hicky on the end that yanks out a hair or two every time, too. I haven't even been able to get the striped shirt to give an accurate reading, either. :confused: I've just been looking sideways in the mirror and seeing if my hair has gotten any closer to my waist, yet.

didn't read the whole topic yet, so I'm sorry if someone else already suggested it, but I had the same, and I could easily remove the metal part, if you can open it a little bit (with a knife for example), you can slide it off.

April 13th, 2010, 12:27 PM
Oh, thanks! No one has suggested that, nor had I suggested it to myself. :p Off to try prying that doo-hicky.

ETA: Haha, it just slipped right off, no knife needed!

April 13th, 2010, 12:29 PM
I don't. The only way I measure is by bodily landmark when I notice or someone tells me where it's at. It lessens the watched-pot effect about growth. It goes where it goes!

April 13th, 2010, 12:35 PM
I measure once a month, mostly because of curiosity. Spreadsheets, numbers and stats like average growth per month have huge nerd appeal to me :D
I don't get frustrated though, measuring monthly, I always have some growth, and besides, my only goal is really "let's see if it gets to tailbone maybe, or something else".

Upside Down
April 13th, 2010, 12:39 PM
I don't, never wanted to. I do however check my few grays for progress, but they seem to be growing very slow.

It was easyer when I used to dye my hair - then I'd have a nice line to estimate the growth :)

April 13th, 2010, 12:47 PM
I stopped measuring a few years ago. I was in a stall and I was getting so upset every time I measured. I measure once a year now.

April 13th, 2010, 01:06 PM
I don't measure at all. The only thing I do know is that my hair is around 3cm away from getting up my bum. :D

April 13th, 2010, 01:22 PM
I dont really measure. I don't want to become obsessive!

April 13th, 2010, 01:34 PM
When I first came to LHC, I measured faithfully at the end of each month. It helped me then to see the progress and so forth, as many of those stages (such as shoulder length) were VERY frustrating for me. My tape measure and the manner in which I did it, was pretty accurate or at least consistent. I did not take it for definitive truth, but more of a means to see the growth progress.

Now however, my hair is nearing (if not) tailbone, and I have not measured in a few years. For one, I feel like I have long hair now and really, the numbers do not mean much to me anymore. So, I just look in the mirror and can see if it has grown or when I take pictures, I can compare to other pictures etceteras.

April 13th, 2010, 01:48 PM
I never got the hang of measuring. Also, like others have said, I don't want to obsess to much. I trust my senses, since it gets obvious when hair has grown some, you see it and feel it. But I also use the visual markings, or what ever they are called, that I have learned on this sight. I'm currently at waist, ish. :)

April 13th, 2010, 03:31 PM
I don't measure because the actual length in centimeters doesn't matter to me (especially not on a forum where most people use inches...). It's what the length looks like on my body that counts. And when I started actively growing I was at mid back already so I'm rather patient :)

April 13th, 2010, 04:06 PM
I have only used a tape measure on my hair for LHC. Otherwise, I keep tabs on my hair based on where it fallsin relation to my waistband. When it starts to get in my way and the snarls become too frequent, I trim.

April 13th, 2010, 04:44 PM
I measured when I first joined LHC. My siggy pic is my first LHC pic. I measured last year, at 40+ and haven't measured since. I had about .5" trimmed off a few weeks ago.

April 13th, 2010, 04:45 PM
I've never measured my hair with a tape measure before, but I did weight it, once.

I used a candy scale at work. I tied it in a knot and laid it on the scale. If I remember right, it was pretty dern heavy, like 8 pounds?

Does that count as measuring? I guess I could convert it into cups or mL with a weight measure, if I needed to, for some special recipe of some kind.

April 13th, 2010, 07:06 PM
I only measure every now and then. Usually, I'm SO disappointed with the measurement, that I don't do it again for ages.


-simply Venus-
April 13th, 2010, 07:35 PM
I don't measure, because I found it boring. XD I just randomly notice one day, hey, my hair looks longer. Lol. And when my hair gets around the length I want, I will be able to tell, and when I becomes a little too long for my liking, I will be able to tell, and I'll trim it to keep it the length I want, around waist.

April 13th, 2010, 07:37 PM
I used to measure, but I don't anymore. I don't see the point in knowing the exact number of inches long my hair is. What matters to me is how long it looks. Plus, it's inaccurate and my measurements are always getting messed up.

April 13th, 2010, 08:01 PM
I don't measure. I just describe the length by where it stops on my body (bra strap, waist length, etc.)

April 13th, 2010, 08:13 PM
I have stopped measuring since I hit BSL. I know it's a long way to waist and I don't want to discourage myself. I want the next time I measure to be like "OMG! 3 inches since last time?! Yeah right!"

Indigo Girl
April 13th, 2010, 09:50 PM
I never measure. It's all visual for me.

I don't. The only way I measure is by bodily landmark when I notice or someone tells me where it's at. It lessens the watched-pot effect about growth. It goes where it goes!

Yep! Exactly this. ;)

April 13th, 2010, 09:55 PM
When I first started here I measured a couple of times but then I just totally gave up. I just look at it in the mirror but I can get a little obsessive about that sometimes.

April 14th, 2010, 12:36 AM
I don't measure my hair :) I'm not aiming for super long hair these days, though. I am more interested in keeping it nice and healthy, and moisturized.

April 14th, 2010, 06:53 AM
Nope, since I get the same number every time, and I know it's growing!

I just toss it up in a ponytail and will suddenly realize "hey, i can feel it on X vertebrae now! I have growth!"

But really, I'm focused on trying to make my fine, type i hair into something healthy and approaching type ii.

April 14th, 2010, 07:39 AM
So does anyone with hip or longer hair wear pants with horizontal stripes to measure? :D

April 14th, 2010, 07:52 AM
I measure before and after trims. My dh laughs at me or gives me one of "those" looks when I bring out the tape measure. My hair dresser knows I measure so she shows me how much she is trimming off. As for regular measuring - not so much any more. I haven't gained any significant growth in a year, so why frustrate myself?

going gray
April 14th, 2010, 10:14 AM
I don't measure anymore, what I see in the mirror is how I judge my growth.

April 14th, 2010, 12:39 PM
When I first joined a hair forum, I was an obsessive measurer, but then, I realized that the measurement fluctuated up to an inch or more from one day to another, even when my hair is wet. Right around then, my life pretty much got scrambled like an egg, so hair measuring was definately put by the wayside. Now, I tell if it's gaining length by how far down my body it reaches, how easy updos are, etc. I've calmed down, mellowed out, haha. I figure, it'll keep growing until at least TB, so I don't have to worry about it not gaining length before then!

April 14th, 2010, 01:22 PM
I measure once a month just to check in

April 14th, 2010, 01:35 PM
I don't measure mine because that will not make it any longer or shorter and will only make busy work for me.

April 14th, 2010, 02:17 PM
I used to measure all the time. I've gotten bored of it and, hey, I know it's growing, I need not proof. :cool:

April 14th, 2010, 04:07 PM
I have a tendency to get obsessive about data, and a spreadsheet with hair measurements would just be asking for trouble.

So I use the stripy top method, and even with that I only do it at random intervals. It works quite well for me as it doesn't give me the chance to obsess. :meditate:

April 14th, 2010, 04:45 PM
I have never done a proper measure but i dye my hair a lighter colour than my natural hair colour so i use my roots as an indicator for how much my hair has grown in a month/ 2 months.

It grows the average 1" every two months. :( i wish i had super growth but i am glad to be living up to the average. i couldn't bare it if it got any slower. I must put up pics on the site. i really enjoy looking at everybodys progress. i have recently cuy my hair back up. (not too short just back up to mid back) i had to get rid of the rest of the damage it was bugging me but now i am obsessed with my lengh again.. catch 22.

tinker bug
April 14th, 2010, 05:03 PM
*raises hand*
I dont really do anything to tell if my hair has grown. For me everynow and then I'll just look at it and think "Woah hey, this looks longer". LOL. In the event that Im wondering if my hair's grown any longer I usually cinnabun it and count the number of times it coils around :flower:

April 14th, 2010, 05:19 PM
I tried to measure once a month when I first started growing a couple of years ago. It was very discouraging and I ended up cutting my hair a couple of times and "giving up" on growing. This last time, I quit measuring and use a monthly photo from the back. I'm having much greater success with growing and feel encouraged everytime I look at my pics!

April 14th, 2010, 06:44 PM
I don't measure religiously. I guesstimate :D Whatever seems about right.

Instead of using a ruler/tape measure/t-square/other measuring device, I just have a piece of string with a mark on it from the last time I checked.

I'm not too obsessive about it, though.

April 14th, 2010, 07:26 PM
I lighten my hair, so my roots are a good way to measure growth :)

April 14th, 2010, 09:19 PM
When I first found LHC, I measured for a few months to try and get my "average" growth. After that, I stopped caring. I like to look forward to the "milestones" (e.g. APL, BSL, hip, being able to put it in a pony, bun, etc.) rather than a number. Plus my wurly hair somehow changes its length every day!

April 14th, 2010, 10:39 PM
I stopped measuring after 19".

April 14th, 2010, 11:55 PM
I measure only with pictures now.

Mrs Sgardelis
April 15th, 2010, 06:26 AM
I don't use a tape measure, have a few layers and I judge how much it's grown by where they're sitting. Plus it's getting thicker again :)

April 15th, 2010, 08:49 AM
I sort of kind of measured when I joined LHC with a piece of string and a ruler. Aside from that, I'm a landmark gal. I did sort of estimate how much more length I need to get to waist so that I could in turn estimate how long until I get there...and have regretted it ever since. I'm committed now to just enjoying the journey and checking out the landscape instead of counting every mile.

April 15th, 2010, 09:45 AM
So does anyone with hip or longer hair wear pants with horizontal stripes to measure? :D

I have some plaid pajama pants in one of my growth progression album photos - I plan to use them again for comparison (maybe).

I measured when I joined, and then a few months later. I got the same measurement, but it was *visibly* longer - so I gave up...

I just like setting mini-goals with body parts, and I try not to worry about it til one day I just realize I'm there and it's a wonderful suprise! Lately, I happily noticed that even when I put my hair in a high ponytail AND braid it tightly, the tassel still reaches past the bottom of my butt! Wow! :cheese:

April 16th, 2010, 05:42 AM
Yep that would be me. My hair is all different legths it would depress me to measure but the back of my bra gives me an idea.

April 16th, 2010, 07:55 AM
I've never measured. I just kinda wait 'til the growth is visible (i.e. touching my waist, or roots are visible from my highlights) and take heart in the fact that I'm trimming my bangs so often LOL

April 16th, 2010, 08:10 AM
I used to measure on the 1st of every month, but I've been lazy and haven't measured since January. I think it's better this way cause I'm not constantly obsessing about my length. I will measure soon though, cause I'm excited to see how much it has grown in almost 6 months.

April 16th, 2010, 08:36 AM
I never measure it since I have layers. I just wait till I see results:cheese:

April 16th, 2010, 08:03 PM
I am entirely too lazy to remember to measure on a certain day. I can tell it's getting longer by feeling it wet on my back when I take showers. I probably will measure it in a few days to see where I stand now. I think I'm waist length, but it's so erratic what length my hair actually looks because of the curls. I haven't straightened it in over a year; I'd be interested to see how long it was straight.

But no, I don't measure.

April 16th, 2010, 08:31 PM
Nope, I don't measure. I don't think I am coordinated enough for that, plus I'd never be able to have my head in the same exact position each time. Or maybe I'm just lazy?

April 16th, 2010, 08:57 PM
I never measured until I came to LHC. I had long hair for years for that but I guess I just never thought about measuring it. After being on here, I just got curious enough to do it. I still don't measure very often though. A few months can go by before I measure again.

May 2nd, 2010, 10:01 AM
I don't measure mine. I set the goal of "bra strap length" and when it hit the top of it, I had a small celebration but the main goal was the bottom of it and now that is where I have kept it. When I am ready for a trip I just say "to the bottom of my bra strap" and it works perfectly. If it is shorter then the bottom of my bra strap I let the stylist know that she did not listen. That has only happened once. Now she knows I really mean the bottom of the bra strap and not more unless she talks to me first.

May 2nd, 2010, 10:31 AM
Nope, I don't measure my hair! I just find it so difficult and time consuming. :p *shrug*
I prefer pictures, so I take tons, almost every minute of the day. (I fail to ignore alot) LOL! :p

May 2nd, 2010, 12:13 PM
I am such a tracker and measurer by nature. I love graphs and charts and measurements... but if I were to unleash that tracking desire on my hair I would be miserable. I'm happier if I put as little thought into my hair as possible because it's something I can't control. No measuring, no henna, no straightening, no curling ...etc etc etc. I'm much happier if it just doesn't cross my mind.

So instead I track things that are helped by being tracked ... like my budget ... I do a daily budget check-in religiously and it helps me... but yeah, definitely no hair measuring for someone like me. It would get out of hand.

May 2nd, 2010, 01:21 PM
I quit a few months ago, because my tape measure LIES! Big time LOL.

I was just wondering if I am the only one. Or if there is a "no measure " thread and I missed it and if you don't measure how do you tell growth ?
I wear a striped shirt on picture day and just count the stripes lol ;)

what are your methods?

I have been pondering lately whether I should measure or not. I finally came to a decision that since I can never get an accurate reading that I will just take my bi-monthly photos and wear my green stripped shirt to determine length. This will also decrease my obsession with inches.

May 2nd, 2010, 01:26 PM
I measure about ever 2 weeks. And I update my status on the left under my icon on the 1st of every month. I don't think it's obsessive or excessive.

ETA: I also don't really place too much weight on the numbers from the tape measure. I don't think it's very accurate most of the time.

Chamomile betty
May 2nd, 2010, 01:51 PM
I used to measure when I first found hair boards. It did help track how much growth I did get a month. But then I concentrated on my number all the time. Now it's BS and I am heading to waist. Maybe I'll cal that near robe belt length lol.

May 2nd, 2010, 01:52 PM
I now measure about once every 2 months.

May 2nd, 2010, 02:20 PM
I have NEVER measured my hair, but now that I am commited to growing my hair and take GOOOOOD care of it, I think I actually want to try measuring just for the fun of it:)
I actually I am going to do it afterwards! I can ask hubby to help me:D

May 2nd, 2010, 03:03 PM
My hair also changes it's length all the time depending on if it's wet or dry, if I've oiled it, etc....
I usually count by the number of bumps on my braid, or by landmarks. I'd like to have my braid above the tassel get to waist!

May 2nd, 2010, 03:36 PM
I dont measure...but \i know my hair has grown when it gets thicker...my hair always becomes thicker as it grows and when it takes a longer time to blow dry...it means it's longer...and you can just look in the mirror:):)

May 2nd, 2010, 03:37 PM
I am considering purposefully *not* measuring my hair on a regular basis just because I don't want to have any anxiety over it. It sounds like a good idea.

May 2nd, 2010, 03:44 PM
I only measured my hair once for the board. But I know it's getting longer when there's more of it to pile on top of my head!

May 2nd, 2010, 04:13 PM
I don't either. I go by where it falls on my back. . . APL, BSL, etc. Measurements just don't do anything for me.

May 2nd, 2010, 05:31 PM
I measured my hair for the first time a few days ago, for LHC. I let my dad measure it again because I'm such a clutz and wanted to get it right. Technically, it's 28,5 inches, but I like to stick with round numbers.

But really, I'm not going to measure it again till today next year. I mean, just thinking about measuring and comparing and worrying about trims makes me tired already. I want to be able to let my hairdresser chop off everything that's dead without thinking 'Nooooooo! The extension of my soul is 1 inch shorter!'

I want to be at waistlength before I become 24 and since that's going to take a couple of years, I'm sure I'll make it and then some ;)

May 2nd, 2010, 05:44 PM
dont measure cuz theres not much to measure yet and I think it would depress me, didnt measure when it was long before either

May 2nd, 2010, 05:49 PM
I don't measure it just because I know that I will be inconsistent if I do it myself, and I don't want to ask anyone here to do it for me (my boyfriend would, but he's too far away for that). Maybe I should start though...having curly hair kinda hides growth, and it gets frustrating sometimes when it looks the same for months at a time.

May 2nd, 2010, 05:51 PM
The last time I measured was back in 2006. My hair has a certain shrinkage factor and some days it shrinks more than on other days. It was never consistent and it irritated me!!!

May 2nd, 2010, 06:18 PM
I don't measure either. It drives me crazy and I get obsessed LOL! I just look in the mirror to see where it is, and take pics once/month to compare.

May 2nd, 2010, 06:26 PM
I manage to get a different reading every time. And unfortunately, my tape measure has a metal doo-hicky on the end that yanks out a hair or two every time, too. I haven't even been able to get the striped shirt to give an accurate reading, either. :confused: I've just been looking sideways in the mirror and seeing if my hair has gotten any closer to my waist, yet.
Mine too! I try not to measure either, because it's always the same - even when I can see progress in pics or what have you.

May 2nd, 2010, 06:28 PM
I don't measure mine.

It is TB length and at this point I just don't need to obsess over it.

May 2nd, 2010, 06:51 PM
I had never heard of measuring hair until I joined LHC, and I still don't really see the point in it. It strikes me as not especially accurate, and too many people get really obsessive about it. I just don't think growing hair should be so stressful.

May 2nd, 2010, 06:53 PM
I never measured my hair even when it was long. My hair is wavy so it's hard to get an accurate measure, plus I really can't be bothered.

May 3rd, 2010, 05:22 AM
So far I have measured my hair twice. First one was for my LHC profile, two months ago. The second AND THE LAST ONE was a month ago for"April 2010 measure in". My measure tape lies too so I am resentful and I don't talk to it anymore:P It said that my hair was shorter that it had been a month before. Nice joke.

So I won't measure anymore. If my hair is moving back instead of grow- I don't want to see it:D:D

May 3rd, 2010, 05:41 AM
I don't.

I don't see the point. My hair grows with such a severe taper that if I measure to the longest thinnest ends I am not really at that length anyway so feel like I am cheating.

Also, I am trimming a lot, still (because of taper and my horrible post partum shed) so measuring would be depressing.

I know 27" is BSL and 30" is waist on me. But I will only consider myself at that length when my hemline is fully at that length, rather than just the tippytips of some poor straggly thin ends.

Just cut back to BSL from 'waist' (longest hairs were past waist but the bulk of my hair was not at that length) and my hair feels so much thicker and nicer and I am enjoying it more.

So my growth journey is very different from most peoples' I guess and measuring just does not seem to make sense for me.

May 3rd, 2010, 12:45 PM
I don't either - I just measured a stray hair I found so I had something to put on my profile when I signed up a while back, but that's why it's not really an exact figure!

May 3rd, 2010, 01:54 PM
I don't measure, because then I would get too caught up in the numbers and would not enjoy the process of growing. I think I will try to measure some day, but I don't think I will dare to do so before I am over BSL.