View Full Version : my new routine - modified Ursula's MMT combined with honey lightning and CWC

minnie may
April 12th, 2010, 04:50 AM
thought I'd share my new routine. It's a combination of ursula's mega moisture wash minus the aloe (I dont like it in such large quatities as in SMT'S), ktani's honey lightning treatments (aganinst age/hormonal related darkening) and CWC as gentle cleansing method and yields good results for my hair.

If I have time, the complete weekly dt & wash programm looks like this:

0) prepare diluted honey mixes for steps 2 and 3, and rinse for step 6.

1) after misting lightly with filtered water heavy prewash-oiling with coconut on lenght from neck hairline downwards - go clean bathroom or do other household chores.

2) put a mix of 1 Tbs Honey diluted in 6 Tbs filtered water (preferably prepared ~ 1 h beforehand) on the hair that is not soaked in coconutoil - jump into bathtub and indulge prolonged soak with a good book.

3) add 1 Tbs rich moisturizing condish (I use dm's alverde aloe/hibiscus) to beforehand prepared mix of 1 Tbs Honey in empty condish bottle that was half filled up with filtered water and shake well. this mix is slightly foamy and should not be too liquid. flip hair upside down, slather on whole head, put up with claw clip and do other showerly things (peeling, shave etc.).

4) upside down splash a little water on back of head and scalp wash with mild liquid shampoo or bar, let suds run through lenght and rinse rinse rinse.

5) undiluted rich condish on length, let sit just a minute and rinse.

6) rinse with 1 litre cool filtered water with 1/4 tsp citric acid and a small pinch of ascorbic acid, squeeze out exess water, blot with towel and put in a tubie towel.

7) a fingernail of coconut oil on damp ends and lower half of hair.

8 ) air dry, prefferably over night.

voilá: moisturized, velvety smooth hair with a bit more volume thanks to the honey that is easy to detangle :bounce: :inlove:

I put in an addional scalp wash inbetween and more coconut oil on ends as needed and will sometimes substitute the heavy pre wash-oiling by doing an caramel treatment on the lenght. Might try jogouhrt as a protein treatment on the lenght too...

ETA: I did this a couple times with small variations, this is what yields the best results for me and I did this the last couple of washes, the caramel treatment substitution is more because I want to use up the stuff I made and stored in the fridge, than because of better results. YMMV

April 12th, 2010, 08:14 AM
Awesome, thank you for sharing. That looks like a routine I would like to try.

minnie may
April 12th, 2010, 08:29 AM
:-) thanks!

It is a bit time consuming (maybe not as much as SMT's or LHC style CO), but I tried to get as many good hair things in one as possible since I really dont have much time for haircare these days to do these things seperatley and be able to do some other sutff while letting the mess sit, I work way too much. and keeping the oil of my scalp helps a lot with not having to wash more often too ;-)

oh and mind, I let the honey stuff on my scalp hair sit without a cap, because I tried with different coverings and either develpoed severe headaches (latex swimming cap) or the drips drove me crazy (cling film and/or regular shower cap). This way I just let it drip in the bath, when leaning my head back I dont notice very much of it and the humid surrounding of the steaming bath helps from keeping it drying too quickly