View Full Version : The good/the bad...

April 4th, 2010, 05:03 AM
Well, on the plus side, I have managed to conquer most of my "Must Have" hair toy list. This list includes a Nightblooming hair sword (on its way now), the AB Diamond Antique Ficcare, the Titanic inspired butterfly comb, and the soaring raven barrette from Wing and Talon on etsy. Not too many must have's left. I still want two 60th Street forks, one in vineyard, one in tulipwood, and I think I am actually content for a while.

On the minus side, I am experiencing a major shed. I knew it was coming. My youngest just turned 18 and I get an anniversary shed about every 6 years. It makes sense that all the hairs I lost after his birth would end their cycle at the same time. I will probably lose 1/3 of my hair if things go like they did before and I am not happy! My bun is already almost an inch smaller in diameter. However, it will grow back quickly. At least I have my hair toys to soothe me!