View Full Version : Giving cones a second chance

March 3rd, 2010, 06:29 PM
I cut out cones AND shampoo at the same time, so I never really got to see how my hair reacted to cones. It's been 2 months cone and shampoo free, aside from the occasional clarifying, so I figured I'd give a coney conditioner a try. I did my normal CO wash, then at the last minute slathered a tiny bit on, maybe a handful, just below the ears, and quickly rinsed it out. It probably didn't have time to get all up in my hair, but I'm curious to see.

Curlies, what are your experience with cones? Do you use a coney conditioner every once in a while, or do you steer clear completely?

Maybe it's just me, but so far, my hair looks even curlier than it usually does when it's wet.

March 3rd, 2010, 06:49 PM
I'm a fine-haired curly and my hair prefers cones and the weekly poo. I tried a strict CO method for 6 months. It made my hair a tangly, matted mess. Since I have started using cones again my hair is much happier and so am I. Still disappointed that CO didn't work for me, but to each their own. Just make sure you watch for build-up when using your cones. Right now I am only using a coney conditioner (Jason's Naturals) but I might have to add a coney styling product come summertime.

March 3rd, 2010, 07:09 PM
I tried to be CO for a little while. It was ok, but I find that I need sulfates occasionally otherwise my scalp gets really itchy, and my hair looks better with cones. Right now I use really coney conditioners like Patene and Dove.

I think my hair is actually less curly on cones than on them, but its not a huge difference.

March 3rd, 2010, 07:24 PM
After being cone free for about a month now, I did give cones a go again.
My hair is not happy. It is dry and crunchy, yet oily. It feels strange and bad and talk about velcro hair, egads! And I thought my hair liked cones, and the dry crunch was just my damaged hair rebeling against me. I was very wrong.
Going to clarify tomorrow and go back to oiling and SMT and being a kitchen witch with my hair, it is much happier that way I have found out.
I will spend more time with a grocery bag and a towel wrapped around my head a few days a week, but it does amuse the cat (she is fascinated by towel turbans, no idea why)

ETA: Oh, my new found waves, gone with the cones, right back to stick straight 1a.

March 3rd, 2010, 08:10 PM
CO didn't work for my until I got to college with chlorinated water. Now it works and occasionally I use a sulfate shampoo for my itchy scalp. But I can't use coney conditioners. They always make my hair straighter and not usually any smoother. They give nice slip for the first wash, but if I try to use any cone a second time I get gross crunchy, kind of frizzy hair. So I try to stay away from cones, but they work some people.

March 3rd, 2010, 08:33 PM
Maybe my hair didn't like it as much as I thought. The ends do feel kind of crunchy, and the length feels a little frizzier than usual. I braided it, though, so we'll see tomorrow.

March 3rd, 2010, 09:45 PM
The first conditioner I used for co washing was Pantene Moisture Renewal. It was the only "cheap" conditioner I had at the moment and I wanted to try washing my hair out with a conditioner the day I did research on the internet. I used it a couple times and switched to Vo5 instead. I wasn't crazy on the "oiliness" of it, and I did clarify after a few weeks. But I still use Pantene occasionally, maybe once a week or every other week. I don't wash my scalp with it, I apply Vo5 Clarifying conditioner to my scalp and then Pantene to the length. I like that it only pulls one or two hairs out when I comb it through. I also think it works better when used occasionally. It doesn't seem to leave a weighed down feeling.