View Full Version : Thinner as days go on?

February 10th, 2010, 04:17 PM
SO on my wash day, my hair is pretty thick, and pony looks really full. The next day it's smaller, and flatter... and so on. :mad: I like not washing everyday, but I love my hair at it's fullest.
Any tips?

February 10th, 2010, 04:24 PM
Sorry, no answers, but I'll be watching this thread... Same problem here-- ugh!!

February 10th, 2010, 04:29 PM
Have you tried misting with water daily to try to refresh the volume? I've never attempted this myself, but I think it might work....?

February 10th, 2010, 04:30 PM
yeah misting actually makes my roots really flat. weird.

February 10th, 2010, 04:31 PM
I think that's normal. My hair poofs out when I wash it, then it sort of... um... deflates. The cuticles are probably lying down more, it gets a little greasy, the waves fall out; all things that contribute to less volume.

February 10th, 2010, 04:33 PM
Combing with your head upside down gives a little more volume. It doesn't last long, though.

tinker bug
February 10th, 2010, 04:43 PM
Mixing everyone elses' suggestions here :D :

I flatten out too as the days go on, so what i do to keep it fuller is mist my entire head, most concentrated on the roots, and then put in a bee butt bun litterally on the top of my head. I have bangs that go to the tip of my nose now, and i make sure they're included in the bun, thats how high it is, lol. Anyway, this is my sleep bun and i usually mist every 3rd day or so (I fully wash every 9-ish days).

Another thing that i do to keep my hair full is to do scalp-only washes about every 2-3 days with shampoo only. Conditioner really has a way of weighing down my poofyness, even though I'm no cone and use suave naturals... :rolleyes:

Good luck on keeping your hair big ;)

February 10th, 2010, 04:45 PM
That happens to some people.

It only happens to me, usually, when I wash with shampoo because the cuticle is a bit more raised. Usually, my hair gets -bigger- if I go a few days without CO-ing it.

February 10th, 2010, 04:45 PM
If you can stand it, put a bun right at the top of your head, mist and leave it for a while. That usually helps make my hair poof at the roots a bit. But be warned, it can give you weird kinks in your hair too :P

February 10th, 2010, 04:54 PM
It's pretty normal. My solution is to wear it loose on wash day when it's at its nicest and then use the flattening as an opportunity to do buns that require longer/thinner hair ;)

February 10th, 2010, 05:24 PM
My only solution is to only wear it down on the day I wash it and do buns or single braids on the other days. I'm very flexible with my wash day schedule. If I want to wear my hair down I know I'm washing it that morning. I've tried the misting thing too and I just get oddly lank and dirty looking hair.

February 10th, 2010, 05:32 PM
Mine tends to do that, too, but I can never count on it. If the humidity goes up, my hair swells up and goes totally bushy on me. Dry day with low humidity = flat and lifeless.

February 10th, 2010, 05:53 PM
Maybe you could try a dry shampoo? I use cocoa powder when I want my flat ironed hair to last longer.

February 10th, 2010, 08:13 PM
I think it's the extra sebum that weighs is down flat. Try putting it in a top knot or a loose French braid that goes straight up over your pillow while you sleep.